Double-Barreled 1911 is here and it’s awesome

Loving guns as much as I do is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it motivates me to communicate my passions with others who are either uneducated or just as interested as I am in the topic. It’s also a blessing because it makes trying out new guns even more exciting. The curse part, and I am sure many of you would agree, is that sometimes it isn’t easy to make an argument in favor of purchasing said gun with anything other than “because it is freaking cool!” I ran into this tonight and decided I would share with my fellow gun lovers.

While doing my daily scrolling through different social platforms, I came across a teaser video introducing a double barrel 1911 and my jaw just dropped. I automatically glanced at my husband with a big cheesy smile on my face and said “can I buy one?” Being the economist and budget-conscious being that he is, his first question was, of course, “how much is it?” There is the problem. The MSRP on this fabulous creation is $4,400. Pretty steep for a gun that really has no other purpose than the fact that it is just really cool. I mean, it’s not like it would be practical for me to holster this bad boy on my thigh or my hip and try to get away with a “it could be a concealed carry gun” argument.

Tomorrow is apparently the day that the full review will post to YouTube and I will share it with you as well. Go ahead. Watch the teaser and tell me you don’t want to get your hands on this.

Hornady designs a gun safe that is both sturdy and affordable

Hornady designs a sturdy, yet affordable, gun safe option that is ideal for concealed carry holders. Watch this open box review!

One of the biggest priorities when owning a handgun is making sure that it is properly secured at all times. When your weapon is neither holstered nor needed, the best place for it is in a gun safe that is easily accessible.

New gun safes with fancy finger print keypads, internal alarms, and GPS tracking are really great products, but are not always the practical option in terms of price. Hornady has designed the TriPoint Gun Safe that is both sturdy and affordable.

Watch this open box review of the Hornady TriPoint Lock Box.

Legally Armed Uber Driver Stops Mass Shooting in Logan Square

An attempted mass shooting ended with no innocent bystanders injured all thanks to a law-abiding Uber driver with a gun, in Chicago of all places!

An armed man began shooting into a crowd of people at Logan Square in Chicago late Friday night. After witnessing everything from his vehicle, an Uber driver with a concealed carry permit immediately responded to what could have been a horrible incident by pulling his own weapon and firing six shots at the gunman.

The gunman was later identified as 22-year-old Everardo Custodio, who is currently being treated for gunshot wounds to the thigh, shin, and lower back at Advocate Illinois Masonic hospital.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Uber driver was in a parked car nearby when he witnessed Custodio shooting into a crowd of pedestrians at the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue. The driver, who has only been identified as a 47-year-old male from Little Italy, fired six shots at the gunman and remained at the scene until police arrived. He immediately presented his valid concealed carry permit and firearms owner’s identification card.

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10 Mistakes First Time Concealed Carriers Make

When first-time gun owners finally get their concealed carry license, there are some avoidable mistakes made along the way.

You have purchased your gun, you’ve taken your required courses, and you’re now on your way to carrying concealed. This is an exciting step for every gun owner, and a very important one.

However, first-time carriers sometimes make mistakes that are easily avoidable. Instead of learning the hard way, check out some tips to help you be even more responsible and prepared.

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What Would You Do If Someone Did This with Their Gun?

A video by MolonationTV shows two men dropping fake guns on the street to see how people will respond.

Have you ever wondered how people around you would react if you were to drop your gun on the sidewalk as they walked by? Thanks to MolonationTV, now you can find out.

Two men, one dressed in business casual and the other acting as a thug, alternate dropping fake guns on the street as people walk by. Interested in seeing how people would respond, these pranksters even ask for help picking up their gun. Some individuals reach down to help pick up the gun, including one gentleman who actually picks it up with the barrel pointed towards his head (eesh). Others attempt to casually walk away or just simply take off running in the other direction.

View the video and full article here.

Good Guy With A Gun Stops Carjacking and Saves Woman

A Georgia gun owner is labeled a hero after stopping a car thief and saving the life of the woman clinging to the hood.

Georgia Gun Owner Stops Carjacking and Saves Life [VIDEO]

Screenshot of surveillance recording via YouTube/DailyMailVideosAR1

 A Georgia concealed carry permit holder put a stop to an attempted carjacking at the Fast Track Car Wash in Smyrna on Friday afternoon.

While the victim was vacuuming her vehicle, a teenage male came out of a red van parked next to her and attempted to drive away with her car. The suspect began to speed up after the owner of the white Honda jumped onto the hood with the intent of stopping him from driving away. A Smyrna, Georgia city worker was passing by and drew his gun.

View the surveillance video and the full post here.

Governor Christie Pardons Single Mom from 2013 Firearms Charges

N.J. Governor Chris Christie granted a pardon Thursday for a Pennsylvania concealed carry holder who was arrested for bringing a registered firearm across the border in 2013.

Governor Christie pardons Shaneen Allen

Governor Christie signs pardon letter for Shaneen Allen. Photo via Facebook/BrianAitken

Governor Christie signed the pardon at noon on Thursday, April 2, 2015 that released Shaneen Allen from any criminal charges or indictments.

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