Guns Save Lives

Please share your story via email, message, or comment! I will post them on this page and show you that GUNS SAVE LIVES.

Guns Save Lives– Google map with news stories attached.

Being attacked is one horrible thing you never think will happen to you. I remember it a little too well. On October 29, 2008, I arrived to work at 9 AM. Only about 30 minutes later, 2 men came in pointing guns in our faces and tied us up. I could feel my cell phone in my back pocket but was too afraid to move. I wasn’t even sure I could reach it. I watched as they took medicine off our shelves and feared for my safety and the safety of my co-worker. Thankfully, they left after taking all of our heavy prescription drugs and were caught shortly after, but the thought of my life being in the hands of criminals was something I didn’t feel I could live with. So I consulted my husband who has a room with about 50 different hunting rifles, shotguns, and a small selection of handguns. Almost immediately after I got home that day, he took me to learn. I now feel like a 60-year-old Annie Oakley with my revolver in my purse at all times. I can remember back to that day, seeing my purse right next to me when they came storming in. I just wanted to throw it at them and run but I was absolutely petrified! Never again will I be a victim. Never again will I allow myself to feel that amount of fear, leaving my life out in the open. My purse is with me at all times. It even has a small hole so I can shoot my gun from the inside!


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