Everytown Advertisement Proves Anti-Gun Policies Are MORE Dangerous for Women


Bloomberg’s new anti-gun organization Everytown released this new advertisement in hopes that it would encourage people to contact their legislators and get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Fine, I get that and I would even agree with it BUT what happens when these criminals disobey laws? What happens when they get a hold of a gun illegally? 

In this advertisement, the woman has a restraining order against her ex-husband. If he were going to follow laws, wouldn’t he have obeyed the law stating that he is not allowed to come near her? A piece of paper and a phone call to the police does nothing but create a false sense of hope and ultimately leaves women in these situations defenseless. 

Everytown has made it clear on multiple occasions that their main target is women. They want women to feel less vulnerable, like they are no longer at risk of being a victim to violent criminals. Yet, what did this video show you? This advertisement PROVES that the anti-gun policies that Everytown stands behind are actually making women MORE vulnerable. Let’s say he didn’t have a gun. Do you honestly think he wouldn’t have come crashing through the same door with a different weapon of choice? And then what would she do? Guns aren’t the problem in this situation, it’s the criminal who is intending to do great harm. 

Now, in either case, what would have it been like if the woman had a gun? Wouldn’t she have been able to protect her and her son the second her crazed ex-husband came banging on the door? But of course they don’t want to advertise for that!

Ladies, if you don’t want to feel vulnerable then get a gun. Making more laws is not going to help you, it will actually just make things worse. If you’re for equality, then put yourself on offense with EQUAL force. What’s a restraining order and a call to the police going to do when someone confronts you with a weapon? Absolutely nothing.

Chuck Norris Joins Forces with NRA for Pro 2nd Amendment Campaign

Just in case I needed another reason to like Chuck Norris, my husband found this awesome bit of information on Conservative Tribune.

BREAKING: Chuck Norris Will Chair NRA Campaign to Defend the Second Amendment

Some things in life were just made for each other. Chuck Norris and the NRA are a good example of such a match.

The National Rifle Association is joining forces with martial arts master Chuck Norris to lead a campaign to help secure the Second Amendment rights of all Americans through a massive voter registration movement.

An advertisement put out by the gun rights group compares holding a voter registration card to owning a firearm.

The ad features a conversation between a father and son, with dad holding something that looks like a gun case, explaining to his son that what’s inside is not a toy, but something used to protect the family. When the dad opens up the case, it contains the card.

According to USA Today, Norris will serve as the chairman for the “Trigger the Vote” campaign, and will be participating in events to help get the word out encouraging gun owners to register to vote in upcoming elections. The Trigger the Vote website features a picture of Norris with a message beneath it describing their mission.

“The only protection against attacks on our Second Amendment rights and the democratic process is your vote,” reads the message on the Trigger the Vote website beneath a picture of Norris. “And this year in particular, we will need each and every individual gun owner’s vote, in every precinct and every district across the country.”

Awesome. Voting is a powerful weapon in the hands of the American people. It’s the primary way that each and every citizen can make their voice heard and play an important role in choosing who will represent them and lead the country.

With each election, liberals and progressives are doing their best to enact strict gun control legislation aimed at stripping the public of their right to bear arms. It is critical that gun rights activists be registered to vote in order to kick anti-gun politicians out to the curb and replace them with individuals who will seek to protect our constitutional rights.

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Virtual Attacks Help With Concealed Carry Courses

Have you ever thought about what you would do in the event that someone attacks you? Most people think that everything would go so smoothly. You’ve been to the range enough times, you know how to shoot. You’ve taken the courses and you feel prepared. Sad thing is, even the best shooters can freeze up or panic during an attack. You never know how you’ll respond in a stressful, harmful, or scary situation until you’ve come face to face with one. 

In one of my previous posts, I shared my own personal experience that made me realize that I am not invincible. Let me tell you right now, I had this idea in my head before this happened of what I would do in a situation like this and I expected everything would go exactly as I had imagined in my mind. This logic is extremely arrogant and I learned that very quickly. It is the same thing when it comes to a violent attack. Each offender is different and has different plans for action. What might work on one criminal, may be a very bad move when dealing with the next. 

Luckily, the instructors at On Target Range and Tactical Center in Crystal Lake, IL decided to give their students a whole new look into what it means to carry concealed. This new training simulator generates different scenarios to help prepare students for a violent attack. 

virtual training

Not only do you have a ‘violent attacker’ running after you on a big screen, but you also have members of staff yelling and cursing at you to add to the stress of what could someday be a reality. Shift Manager Glen Carpentar claims that sweaty palms and pounding hearts are completely normal with this course. Obviously, you are not equipped with a loaded gun. With the course, students are given a laser-equipped mock up of a Glock 17 handgun. After the student is finished with the virtual course, the instructor will go over what they did right and what they didn’t. 

“It’s not just about getting their accuracy – there’s a sense of when to shoot, and when not to shoot,” Dorsch said.

10 Things You Should NOT Do After a Self Defense Shooting

I found this article on Second Call Defense. I would say this is pretty good advice if you are ever in this situation. What do you think?


10 things you should NEVER do after a self defense shooting

When it comes to armed self defense, it’s usually not the shooting itself that trips you up legally. More often than not, it’s what you do afterward that gets you in hot water.

Here are 10 things you should avoid after using your gun in self defense. Never …

Call 911 in a panic. No matter how tough you are, your body and brain will be a mess after you pull the trigger and see a body lying on your living room floor. Take a moment to breath deeply, calm down, and get your thoughts in order before you call authorities. Consider learning 4-square breathing to relax.

Leave the scene. Unless you’re in danger, stay put. You may feel an overwhelming need to seek out friends or family or run away, but don’t. That could be misinterpreted as fleeing the scene which could give the appearance of guilt.

Move or tamper with evidence. It’s natural to want to “tidy up,” especially if you’re in your home. This is unwise. Touch nothing. If there are others nearby, make sure they do the same.

Have your gun in your hand when the police arrive. Police will be responding to a “man with a gun” or “shots fired” call and won’t know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. They will view anyone holding a gun as a threat and will deal with you as such. In short, reholster your gun or set it down if you don’t want to get shot.

Make a statement to police before you talk to your lawyer. Police have a job to do and you need to be cooperative, but you don’t want to say too much because anything you say will be used against you. What should you say? There are many opinions on this, but here is one formulation:

My gun is laying over there, and that is the gun that I used to shoot my attacker in self defense because I feared for my life. I do not want to say anything else until I have had time to talk to my attorney. I want to cooperate with the investigation completely, but I’m very upset right now and I need to talk to my attorney first. I hope you understand.

Fall for good cop bad cop. You think you’re too smart to fall for this routine, but you’re not. You’ll be upset and you’ll want to talk, especially to anyone who appears sympathetic. Law enforcement officers are not necessarily your enemy, but they’re not your friend either. Shut up. Talk to your lawyer before you make any statement to police.

Try your case on the spot. Police have more than one way to get you to talk. Aside from good cop bad cop, they might challenge your use of lethal force. You’ll want to argue your case, but don’t. Again, shut up. You’re not a lawyer and you’re not in a courtroom, not yet anyway.

Lecture police on the law or your rights. One of the worst things you can do is get belligerent or act superior. Police are human beings and will react like anyone else if you challenge their authority, belittle their intelligence, or talk down to them. No matter what police say, even if they say or do something you believe to be incorrect, this isn’t the time to get into a debate.

Fail to use the word “sir.” Most police are good, decent people who have a difficult job. Treat them with respect. Phrases such as “yes sir” and “no sir” will go a long way toward showing responding officers that you are the respectable, upstanding citizen you know yourself to be.

Be surprised if you’re treated like a criminal. It’s best to assume that you will be handcuffed, placed prone on the ground, locked in the back of a cruiser, or even jailed. It takes time to sort out the truth of any shooting, and police are likely to do any or all of these things. Don’t take it personally. Don’t resist or argue. Cooperate fully and just let it all happen. Of course, if you’re a member of Second Call Defense, you’ll have immediate help to sort things out. But even if you’re not, take it all in stride.

Gun Control Advocate Suffers Brutal Attack and Now WANTS a Firearm

James Dittrich was outside walking his dog for the last time that evening, little did he know, 2 criminals had selected their victim. As he was making his way up to his third floor apartment, he was attacked by 2 criminals who robbed him of his wallet and forced him into his apartment at gunpoint. Meredith Duffy, his fiance, was sleeping and unaware of the situation at hand. It didn’t take long for James to realize that by entering the apartment, he had put his fiance into great danger. One of the men found Meredith and sexual assaulted her. James was in the other, apparently unaware of what was happening to his fiance in the bedroom, was trying to make as much noise as possible to alert his neighbors. The rapist then grabbed Meredith out of the bed and threw her to the floor in the living room and demanded she emptied her purse. When she did, her cell phone slipped out and she felt that an opportunity had presented itself, and so did James.

So I reached up and I grabbed [the gun],” Dittrich said. “I couldn’t wrestle it free, but I knew, with both hands on it, I had control of it, and that was the opportunity that she needed to call. And I just, I really just hoped I could keep control of it for her to make that call.”

But when Dittrich grabbed the gun, the burglars attacked him, he said. As her fiance was beaten in front of her, Duffy was able to call for help.

“That was the absolute hardest part, was that when I dialed 911, they were just beating him so absolutely mercilessly and brutally,” she said. “And the one kept yelling, ‘Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him.’”

In the end, the attackers fled, but not before breaking Dittrich’ nose, both cheekbones, and the bones around one of his eye sockets. Both Dittrich and Duffy were rushed to the emergency room at University Hospital in Newark, where the drama of their horrific ordeal and resulting injuries happened to be captured on ABC’s medical docu-series “NY Med,” which airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.



They feel safer in Ohio, they said, adding that their experience drastically changed them and their views on a number of issues, including gun control. Before, both didn’t feel the need to own a gun. Now, they are proud gun owners and keep a handgun in the bedroom.

“I didn’t want a gun. I specifically didn’t want one,” Dittrich said. “I was very much opposed to hav[ing] one, and I guess I got the realization that the police really can’t protect you. They can respond, and they can protect you once they get there. But, you’re on your own.”


Biggest lesson to be learned from stories like these:

1- It can happen to anyone at any time. Even when you feel safe, so be alert and be prepared. One of his first mistakes was not being aware of his surroundings. This ultimately put him and his fiance in HUGE danger. He went up 3 flights of stairs without noticing 2 suspicious men behind him, and led them straight into his apartment. 

2- Cops cannot always be there for you. Not to mention, you may not even have the opportunity to call the police. James was VERY lucky that his fiance woke up and had access to a phone without putting herself in an even more dangerous situation. You CANNOT count on the fact that you can always make that call. 

3- Guns can save lives. Sadly, I feel that a lot of gun control advocates have to see or experience things like this in order to believe it.

I absolutely hate to say that this couple was lucky but that’s exactly what it was. They relied on both police and their neighbors, which in the end just made them even more defenseless. He was lucky that he could grab hold of the gun and she was lucky that she was able to make the call. That doesn’t always happen that way. In the end, I am glad that they now see the error in their old ways. 

Bad Sex Drives Woman To Shoot Boyfriend

Sadie Bell

Talk about being sexually frustrated! 58-year-old Sadie Bell admitted to shooting her boyfriend after a round of horrible sex. Why? Because she believed that this sudden unexpected run of bad sex meant that he was cheating on her. My immediate reaction, sadly, was to laugh. First, this guy has been cheating on his wife with Bell for 15 years. What would make her think that he wouldn’t turn around and do the same thing when he was bored? Anyways, I guess common sense escapes her often.

He was hospitalized for 5 months and she was convicted of assault with intent to do bodily harm and felony gun charge. She was also sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Most convicts would (should) have to wait out their prison sentence, but Bell got lucky with a granted appeal bond of only $10,000. You can imagine why Oakland County prosecutors are outraged.

Prosecutors say Bell makes snap decisions and reacts with violence. They say she shot her husband years ago, but never went to court for it.

As crazy and comical as this story seems, there is a bigger picture here. Why are people getting ‘get out of jail free’ cards? Why are convicts not being expected to stick out their punishment? Why are we offering bail (especially that low) to someone who has a violent history? This chick should be back behind bars, and in my opinion, for much longer than 4 years.

Man Looks For Someone To Kill in San Antonio Hotel

san an


On Saturday, July 12, a 34-year-old man named Moises Torres raised a ruckus at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio. It was to be his last ruckus.

Torres was reportedly banging on sixth-floor hotel room doors and breaking hallway lights as he went. When one woman opened her room door, he announced that he was “looking for someone to kill.” Thankfully, she was able to close the door before he could get inside her room.

In the next room was 43-year-old John Neal and a woman. When Torres began beating on Neal’s door, he called security. When things got quiet, Neal thought the disturbance was over. But when he opened the door, Torres charged at the pair. That’s when John Neal drew his legally-carried concealed handgun and fired one shot.

The bullet hit Torres in the chest, stopping him in the room’s doorway. Paramedics were unable to revive Torres, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early reports said that Torres had been “suffering from some undiagnosed mental issues recently.” John Neal was not charged with any crime.

And this, my friends, is why people carry guns.

Yet another ‘good guy with a gun’ that Shannon and the rest of the Mom’s Demand crew thinks doesn’t exist. When are you anti-gun loons going to wake up and see that good guys with guns DO exist? Moises Torres could have done some MAJOR damage, but instead a legal gun owner stepped in and saved the day. This happens more than you think, the media just doesn’t want to shine any light on it because it isn’t ‘tragic’ enough to support their agenda and put fear into the minds of uneducated citizens. Stories like this don’t scare you, they give you hope. They put that thought in your mind that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there are good reasons to have guns. And they (Mom’s Demand, Bloomberg, and the Obama Administration) don’t want that. 

The other major important piece of information in this article is the fact that this guy was mentally insane. THIS is what we need to be focusing on, not taking guns away from the sane. Why wasn’t this guy in a mental institution, psychiatric ward, or with caretakers? There are people that are responsible for making sure this man doesn’t do things like this and where were they? What medications was he? Where was the security guard that was supposedly called? I mean, after all, they are supposed to just magically show up at your doorstep and stop the criminals, right?

There is something else wrong here and this story is the perfect example. Instead of attacking law-abiding citizens, we should be focusing on the criminals and the mentally insane. Criminals need harsher punishments. No more of this “out of jail on good behavior” crap. Jail time is jail time. That’s final. The mentally insane need better psychological care. So, Mr. Obama, instead of wasting millions and millions of dollars on “gun control research”, how about we look into spending money on the REAL problem?

Should You Tell An Officer You Are Armed?

Maintaining a gun blog brings in a lot of questions. I get emails and tweets from readers (mostly women) who have come across my articles/posts and have questions either about my views or about what they should do to get a gun. One of the questions I have been seeing recently is whether or not I would advise people to tell a cop that they have a gun in the car when they get pulled over. Honestly, I have thought long and hard about this and the best answer I can give is that it depends on the situation. In the end, you are the one who can and should make the decision. Sometimes officers appreciate that you are honest about having a weapon, while sadly others use it to further abuse power. 

I came across an article on Fox News. A mother who had recently purchased a .380 handgun for defense and received her concealed carry permit was arrested on October 1. Now she is hoping that the jury will take her side, otherwise she will spend 3 years in prison for unlawful possession of a weapon.

She has had no prior criminal record and told the cop that she had a gun in the vehicle as soon as she was pulled over. She also had her concealed carry permit with her and gave that to the officer as well. Even though she felt she was doing the right thing, she was denied acceptance into a diversionary program and sent to prison.

This is something I am usually very concerned about. Living so close to DC and Maryland, there are plenty of areas where I could mistakingly take the wrong exit coming home from the range and end up in an area where guns are not allowed.  I’ve imagined this very situation numerous times and wondered what I would do. Honestly, I don’t know if I would tell them or not. When I travel, I have my gun locked, separated from ammo, and in my trunk where I can’t get to it. Without probable cause, they have no right to look through my vehicle at any given point. Then I think “well, the whole reason I have a gun is to protect myself. What if someone attacks me when I’m in my car? My gun won’t help me much being locked away.” It’s very tricky and very intimidating. The best thing I can say is to learn, study, eat, sleep, and breathe the local and state laws. Know them better than you know the back of your hand. Analyze the situation and do what you think is best. It could have been that this woman got nervous and said “I have a gun!”. I don’t know, but I know it’s possible.

If you decide to tell the officer that you are armed, I would advise saying the following:

Officer, I want to let you know that I have a concealed carry permit in this state and am currently have one on my person. How would you like me to proceed?

At the end of the day, cops are human too. They just want to get back to their family and be safe. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you were pulled over with a gun in the car?