I think it’s about time that I finally in the blanks on this page. Gosh, seeing how much I write, you think it would be easy to do an About Me!

I am a Mass Communications Major with a Minor in History and an emphasis in Journalism. I am a Christian, always have been and always will be. I got married to my best friend from high school and we moved on up to the big city. Growing up in Texas, I really never thought twice about how friendly everyone is. That is, until I moved to DC. Where if you say “Hi! How are you?” you get a look as if you have 6 heads and a rabbit’s tail. Well, or it goes to the extreme and they’ll threaten your life.

After being in this area for a little over a year now, my eyes have been yanked open. A girl who used to be afraid to touch her daddy’s gun now only feels safe with one around. Thankfully, I am not living in DC proper and THANKFULLY, Virginia understands that more guns equals less crime. Being so close to a city that does everything it can to forbid guns, I can see the difference in crime rate with my own two eyes and quite frankly, it’s pretty scary.

So I gathered up all of my courage and told my husband “Honey, I want to get a gun”. His eyes got wide and he smiled at me. I guess that Texan wife he was waiting for finally came out, much to his surprise. He helped me search for a women’s only gun course and has supported me every step of the way. Whether it be 2 hour drives to Gander Mountain in rush hour traffic or sending me links for my blogs, he’s been there 100%.

Learning how to shoot has been empowering and has helped make me more aware of my surroundings. I never thought that I would want to shoot a gun, let alone own one. That just goes to show that so many people are uninformed because they choose not to try. Through this experience, I’ve learned that you never know what you’ll find a passion for until you take a shot (haha, get it?).

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