What Would You Do If Someone Did This with Their Gun?

A video by MolonationTV shows two men dropping fake guns on the street to see how people will respond.

Have you ever wondered how people around you would react if you were to drop your gun on the sidewalk as they walked by? Thanks to MolonationTV, now you can find out.

Two men, one dressed in business casual and the other acting as a thug, alternate dropping fake guns on the street as people walk by. Interested in seeing how people would respond, these pranksters even ask for help picking up their gun. Some individuals reach down to help pick up the gun, including one gentleman who actually picks it up with the barrel pointed towards his head (eesh). Others attempt to casually walk away or just simply take off running in the other direction.

View the video and full article here.

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do If Someone Did This with Their Gun?

  1. Although I can’t say what I would do if someone dropped their gun near me, there are a couple of thoughts that come to mind, especially prompted by the end of the video.

    I have no problem whatsoever with people carrying a gun, but to have dropped it like that shows carelessness – if you’re going to carry one, you carry it safely secured. As mentioned at the end, would I want my fingerprints on it? No. I don’t think I’d be scared away by someone dropping a gun like that; more likely I would be wary and watchful. If someone really had back problems and would have trouble picking it up, as was mentioned at one point, I would pick it up and hand it to them after checking that it was unloaded – but not without wiping it down with a paper towel or handkerchief (again, fingerprints).

    Not sure I agree with this “social experiment.” There is a common thought that although it’s legal for anyone carry, you don’t go armed “to the terror of the public.” In this video, they come dangerously close to violating that code.

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