Studio P Innovations New Mag Loader Is Not About A Quicker Kill

I’m sure that we have all come across that moment in our lives where a friend or family member that we love dearly says something that really gets under your skin. Well, that happened to me today. I sought out advice from my husband, because he is always the more logical decision maker whereas I am the knee-jerk reactor type who automatically feels the urge to argue.

Because I love all things guns, my husband sent me a video yesterday. I loved it and thought I would share it with everyone (on Facebook) in my life. Bad move, apparently, as it wasn’t too long after that I got a snarky comment from someone we are close to.

Facebook Comment

The comment read:

Oh goodie! Now we can load & shoot to kill quicker – wow what a great advancement for mankind!

As many of you may know, I always have an opinion, and come fully loaded with points when someone wants to bring on the gun debates. Since I was discouraged from arguing with a loved one on Facebook, I felt that I could make my case here. You ready?

I would like to start by saying that there are positives and negatives to everything in life. It is possible (not probable, but possible) that someone could use this tool for horrible reasons. However, bad people can use any tool for bad things i.e. hammers, cooking knives, even tooth brushes. Instead of looking at the negatives and assuming that everyone who wants to purchase this item is looking to shoot and kill quicker, I would like to present you with the following arguments:

  • Loading a new magazine can be a challenge, especially for women like me who have ridiculously tiny hands and a magazine that seems to have no mercy. It takes me all but 30 seconds – 1 minute to empty my mag and about 2 minutes to reload it. For those who pay anywhere from $20-$80 per hour at a shooting range, not having to waste time dealing with a pesky mag means more time for quality practice. More time to practice means you’re not only getting your moneys worth, but you’re also bettering yourself. Besides, jam 17 rounds into a mag a couple dozen times and tell me that this thing doesn’t look like the greatest invention ever.
    • This argument applies not only to gun owners looking to practice, but also can contribute to training for shooting competitions, military personnel, and law enforcement.
  • Being able to load quickly means that you are less likely to be unprepared during an attack. If you’re upstairs asleep and you hear someone break into your home, what if you reach for your gun and realized your mag isn’t loaded? This makes the difference between getting one, MAYBE two rounds in, or getting 6-8 rounds in. For some, 1-2 rounds may be perfectly fine. However, people get extremely nervous in high-stress situations. You could miss your shot or there could be more than 1-2 people trying to harm you.
  • Responsible gun owners aren’t looking for a kill. That’s why we are called responsible gun owners and not criminals, serial killers, rapists, or murderers. Most of us have a firearm in the event that nothing else besides use of deadly force will work against someone trying to use deadly force against us. I am a very strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and the right to arm yourself. I own a 9mm handgun, which is solely in my possession for two reasons: Practice and Home Defense. That means that if I don’t absolutely have to use deadly force to save myself, my husband, or anyone else for that matter, then I won’t. I would die to protect my family, but what if I don’t have to? Automatically jumping to the conclusion that this was invented for the purpose of a fast kill is offensive, arrogant, and extremely annoying.
  • Where is the logic behind such a comment? Criminals/Mass Shooters show up with magazines already loaded. Think about it– would someone walk up to a movie theater concession stand, whip out their gun, and say “hold on one second while I use this nifty tool to load my magazine”? Really?
  • Obviously this was designed with range time in mind. Try using this tool without a table —  Do you think it would be as easy?

This is not designed for the purpose of providing criminals with the tools to carry out crime. This is not designed to assist mass murderers in a shooting. This is not designed just so that we can all load up faster and kill each other quicker.

Stop assuming that all gun owners are trigger-happy murderers who want to see who can kill another human being the fastest. If that is how you assume that gun owners are, well then thank heavens you don’t have one. Understand that I train myself, do my research, constantly educate myself on crime rates, gun laws, and the correlation between the two, and arm myself for the protection of myself and my family. It has nothing to do with some strange desire to harm another person. And no, I am not the only one. Some of the greatest, most caring and genuine people I have ever met have been fellow gun owners. This tool is a way for me and other gun owners to continue/advance in proper training in a way that isn’t wasting effort, time, and money. As much as I would like to live in a world where no one ever wanted to hurt, kill, or rape anyone else, that is not the reality and I want to keep myself sharp and prepared to defend my family if the horrible day ever comes where I need to. Maybe you should educate yourselves before assuming that we are all planning the next fastest way to kill someone.

Hollywood Actor Speaks In Favor of Guns In Schools

It’s not every day that we come across a Hollywood star that is pro-gun, let alone a Hollywood star that speaks out openly when it comes to reducing restrictive gun laws in the US.

Vince Vaughn, a well-known Hollywood actor, has proudly voiced his support. In a recent interview with GQ, Vaughn shares his political views as well as his pro-gun stance.

Read my article on Wide Open Spaces:

Vince Vaughn recently gave his stance on guns in schools in ‘GQ’ interview.

Vince Vaughn, Hollywood actor and “True Detective” star, came out with guns blazing in a recent interview with British “GQ.” Though Vaughn has been fairly quiet on his political views in the past, his recent comments about the 2nd amendment and guns in schools makes his stance crystal clear.

When asked if he supports the freedom to carry on campus, he said “Of course.”

Vaughn explained that he supports allowing guns in schools because it will act as a deterrent against the criminals who seek “gun-free zones.”

“All these gun shootings that have gone down in America since 1950, only one or maybe two have happened in non-gun-free zones. Take mass shootings. They’ve only happened in places that don’t allow guns. These people are sick in the head and are going to kill innocent people. They are looking to slaughter defenseless human beings. They do not want confrontation. In all of our schools it is illegal to have guns on campus, so again and again these guys go and shoot up these f***ing schools because they know there are no guns there. They are monsters killing six-year-olds,” Vaughn said in an interview with GQ.

Vaughn continued to make his argument by pointing out that politicians send their children to schools protected by armed staff, so we should be allowed the same rights to protect our family. But guns in schools isn’t the only place that Vaughn supports gun ownership.

View the rest of the article here!

6 Necessary Shooting Tips For Beginners

Looking to learn how to shoot a handgun? Here are 6 shooting tips to help you get started!

So you want to learn how to shoot a gun? That is great! Despite what you may see in movies or read in books, shooting accurately and safely actually takes a lot of practice, focus, and technique.

Even someone who claims that they are an experienced shooter can make silly mistakes and may develop habits that can be hard to correct. Being a new shooter, you have a clean slate and are in a great position to learn the basics for shooting a gun safely.

Click here to see these 6 tips!

School Shooting Drill Features Hooded Assailant

As if teaching students to run and hide in an open field when there is a shooter isn’t a bad enough idea already, an elementary school in Wyoming creates the worst drill I have ever heard of. How, you ask? Well, you know, they just have a man dressed up as a hooded assailant go around campus and scare the living daylight out of children.

On Thursday at 10am, Worland’s East Side Elementary School partnered with local law enforcement to practice a drill. While children were out playing on the playground, a suspicious man wearing a hoodie and a backpack appeared near the back of the playground. The gym teacher, Kevin Heyer, then confronted the suspicious man and immediately yelled for the kids to run to the back of the field, which was in the opposite direction of the shooter. Aubrey Truman reported that she also heard Heyer say that the man had a gun and that she was terrified for her life. She wondered if she would die or if she would ever see her parents again. However, Heyer does not recall ever mentioning that the intruder had a gun.

Kaydence Munoz, age 9, told the school’s superintendent that the ‘intruder’ also reached out to one of the kids as he was chasing them.

After several minutes of being exposed and afraid in an open field, local law enforcement came out and students reported that they were smiling. At this time, all of the students were informed that it was just a drill and that the suspicious man was not there to harm them, but rather to help prepare them for what to do in the future if there is ever an intruder. Students did not find this comforting or amusing, and neither did their parents.

Amy Munoz is furious she wasn’t notified beforehand.

“They took it to an extreme not to discuss this with parents and the community beforehand,” she said. “It’s a slap in the face.”

“They just think they can do whatever they want with our kids,” she added.

Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness, the sheriff who lead the training, told the local news that the training was a success.

A little too far for a school drill, don’t you think?

Is UPS banning shipments obtaining legal firearm parts?

Article written via Tina Vandivier at Wide Open Spaces:

Earlier this week, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) was informed of a new policy that states that the United Parcel Service (UPS) will no longer accept shipments obtaining firearm suppressors. This new policy not only applies to individuals, but also extends to licensed dealers.

According to the NSSF Press Release, no thefts or losses have been reported, which only gives us more of a reason to question UPS’s policy. Currently the NSSF is working closely with executives at UPS to determine what prompted the implementation of this surprising new policy.

“Earlier this week, ASA was made aware of the decision by UPS to cease all shipments of firearm suppressors,” Knox Williams, president of the American Suppressor Association told Sunday. “We have been working alongside NRA and NSSF to get to the bottom of the issue.”

With the continuous growth in demand for firearm suppressors along with the large amount currently in route, over 600,000 to be exact, this new policy could actually ending up hurting UPS. Williams claims that if UPS does not reconsider, he will explore other carriers. Judging by the commentary left by social media users, some of their business might just travel over to FedEx.

“UPS is anti American. #boycottUPS,” one Facebook user said.

“Banning shipping suppressors? We’ll be shipping Fed-Ex,” said another in response to a photo posted thanking the military for their service.

“Is that why you banned shipping certain LEGAL firearms accessories? Veterans make up a large segment of the shooting sports industries. Sounds like your obligatory committee written PC post to make people think you actually care about Americans and our freedoms,” said another Facebook user.

39 states currently allow the possession of suppressors, which would mean that UPS is implementing a policy that places restrictions on an individuals’ legal right. Why should it matter what they’re shipping as long as the contents are not illegal or harmful to the carrier or to others? Not to mention the fact that a suppressor without a firearm attached is nothing more than a useless metal tube.

As long as the individual is abiding by the laws of his or her state, there should be no problem with the contents inside of a package that they are paying money to have shipped.

CEO of NutShellz Gets Shot in the Nuts with a 22 Long Rifle Voluntarily

CEO of Nutshellz volunteers to be shot in the family jewels in hopes of showing customers how strong his cups are.

There aren’t many business owners in this world that trust their product enough to shoot themselves in one of the body’s most sensitive areas, but Jeremiah Raber proves that his Nutshellz Groin Protector is strong enough to withstand a bullet.

In this video, Raber packs on his armor, draws an ‘x’ on the family jewels, and nervously stands in front of his friend, who by the way is preparing to shoot him with a .22 long rifle.

Click here to watch the video and read the full article on Wide Open Spaces.

Double-Barreled 1911 is here and it’s awesome

Loving guns as much as I do is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it motivates me to communicate my passions with others who are either uneducated or just as interested as I am in the topic. It’s also a blessing because it makes trying out new guns even more exciting. The curse part, and I am sure many of you would agree, is that sometimes it isn’t easy to make an argument in favor of purchasing said gun with anything other than “because it is freaking cool!” I ran into this tonight and decided I would share with my fellow gun lovers.

While doing my daily scrolling through different social platforms, I came across a teaser video introducing a double barrel 1911 and my jaw just dropped. I automatically glanced at my husband with a big cheesy smile on my face and said “can I buy one?” Being the economist and budget-conscious being that he is, his first question was, of course, “how much is it?” There is the problem. The MSRP on this fabulous creation is $4,400. Pretty steep for a gun that really has no other purpose than the fact that it is just really cool. I mean, it’s not like it would be practical for me to holster this bad boy on my thigh or my hip and try to get away with a “it could be a concealed carry gun” argument.

Tomorrow is apparently the day that the full review will post to YouTube and I will share it with you as well. Go ahead. Watch the teaser and tell me you don’t want to get your hands on this.

Pretty Little Liars actress heads to the gun range [VIDEO]

Shay Mitchell, Emily on ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ heads to the gun range to learn how to shoot for a secret project.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans are eager to learn why Shay Mitchell, known as Emily on the show, had to learn how to shoot a gun. Mitchell will not disclose any information about the “secret project” other than that her character will need to know how to shoot a gun.

She heads to the range to learn more about how to shoot, hold, and check a gun in hopes that it will help make her scene more realistic. Check out the video of Shay Mitchell’s first time shooting a gun.

Hornady designs a gun safe that is both sturdy and affordable

Hornady designs a sturdy, yet affordable, gun safe option that is ideal for concealed carry holders. Watch this open box review!

One of the biggest priorities when owning a handgun is making sure that it is properly secured at all times. When your weapon is neither holstered nor needed, the best place for it is in a gun safe that is easily accessible.

New gun safes with fancy finger print keypads, internal alarms, and GPS tracking are really great products, but are not always the practical option in terms of price. Hornady has designed the TriPoint Gun Safe that is both sturdy and affordable.

Watch this open box review of the Hornady TriPoint Lock Box.

MythBusting: Is a handgun still reliable without an extractor? [VIDEO]

As many of you may have heard, I have recently joined the team of writers over at Wide Open Spaces. I would love to continue to share my articles with all of you and will still continue to keep up with the High Heels and Handguns blog. I just enjoy it too much!

One of my most recent articles including a video disproving a statement that a handgun will still continuously fire without an extractor. Let me know what you think!

Article on Wide Open Spaces

Can you successfully fire a handgun without an extractor? James from TFB TV finds out for you in his myth-busting YouTube video.

Have you ever wondered if your handgun would work successfully without the extractor? Lucky for you, you don’t have to test this out for yourself.

YouTube channel TFB TV shares their myth-busting experiment to show what happens when you remove an extractor and then try to fire.

Inspired by a comment from another YouTube user, TFB TV decided to test the statement that a handgun will continuously fire successfully without an extractor. As shown in this video, the myth was busted. Once the extractor was removed, the handgun was no longer considered reliable. Although there were a few cases that the gun fed correctly, the majority of the shots did not.

An extractor typically works in conjunction with the ejector to remove empty cartridges from the fired weapon, which in turn preps the chamber to successfully load the next round. Without the extractor in place, the gun can usually fire only one round. Trying to shoot after this shot would likely cause a misfire because the next round would not be able to load properly into the chamber.