Pretty Little Liars actress heads to the gun range [VIDEO]

Shay Mitchell, Emily on ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ heads to the gun range to learn how to shoot for a secret project.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans are eager to learn why Shay Mitchell, known as Emily on the show, had to learn how to shoot a gun. Mitchell will not disclose any information about the “secret project” other than that her character will need to know how to shoot a gun.

She heads to the range to learn more about how to shoot, hold, and check a gun in hopes that it will help make her scene more realistic. Check out the video of Shay Mitchell’s first time shooting a gun.

Why Liberals Are In The Wrong Mindset About Guns

Ronald Reagan once said:

It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.

Whenever I look at current research, surveys, similar past laws, current laws, etc I ask myself “why don’t liberals get it? I mean the information is all there!” I believe the truth is that liberals are constantly being fed falsified information to support an agenda. If you feel that you know everything already, why would you feel the need to look at research, journals, history, or past/present/future laws? 

I think about why I started this blog in the first place. Moving from Texas to the DC area was a huge change for me. I wasn’t used to homeless men threatening to shoot me and my family on the street in the middle of the day if we didn’t give him money (might I add, he finished this sentence with “Merry Christmas”). I wasn’t used to hearing about shootings or how crime rates are increasing. I wasn’t used to hearing about violent break-ins. I wasn’t used to the fear that sweeps over me every time I walk to my car by myself at night after meeting my husband for dinner. Fact of the matter is, I wanted to know that in a dangerous situation, I could rely on more than a can of mace to protect myself. 

Once I came to the conclusion that I should get a gun and learn proper gun safety, I then started to gain interest in current events pertaining to guns. But what if I was a liberal? What if I had liberal parents, liberal grandparents, and a liberal husband? What if from day 1, I had it engraved in my brain that guns were dangerous? In that case, I wouldn’t have looked into owning a gun as means to protect myself. Which would mean that I wouldn’t have gained interest in current laws and wouldn’t be the gun advocate that I am today. What’s the difference between me and that liberal? I didn’t assume that my prior knowledge of guns was correct. In fact, my research and follow-up has only further validated my previous claims that guns are for protection.

When I said “I want to get a gun”, it was natural to me because I was in that mindset based on previous/current knowledge. Liberals come from a different background or mindset and believe whole-heartedly that guns are not safe. Why? Because every time there is a tragedy, anti-gun advocates blame the gun instead of the shooter, which in turn puts fear in the hearts of people who are not well-informed. And because people FEAR guns, they aren’t willing to do research to validate statements they hear from people like Obama and Feinstein.

The main reason for this blog is because I want to share research findings and compare current events to that of past ones in a way that makes freedom to own and carry easy to digest. Along the way I choose to provide entertaining videos and stories to show you that guns aren’t dangerous in the hands of law-abiding citizens, so why take them away from them? Along the way, I take emails, comments, and tweets to heart because I can’t change your opinion if I don’t understand where you’re coming from. 

What do you, the gun control advocate, have to say about research findings showing that stricter gun control laws increase gun-related crimes?

Have you, the gun control advocate, ever learned how to properly shoot a gun and took courses to educate yourself of gun safety?

How will laws restricting law-abiding citizens from owning/carrying a gun stop criminals from conducting in mass shootings like Aurora or the elementary school in Newton?

If you don’t know how to answer these questions, how can you continue to stand up against something that you cannot logically defend? Shootings like this cause anger, heartache, frustration, confusion, sadness. These are all emotion-based and do not void the fact the research shows that stricter gun laws increase gun-related crime. 

Basing your arguments on emotion rather than logic and fact does not put you in the proper mindset. Educate yourselves and review the data that Obama and other anti-gun advocates want to keep from you. Maybe then you will see that law-abiding citizens are not the problem. 

How To Aim Your Semi-Automatic Pistol

When learning how to shoot, there are 5 key steps to remember:


-Breath Control

-Hold Control

-Trigger Control

-Follow Through

Keeping focus on your target and aiming properly will ensure that you never miss a shot. However, the first time someone steps up to the firing line to shoot may not know exactly how to aim unless they were previously told what to do. Below is a little infogram that I mad just for you that explains everything along the way.





Now, if your target is above you or taller than you, the three points will not align horizontally. Your front sight will be slightly higher than the rear sights but make sure that you still keep an equal amount of space between the 3 points. If your target is slightly to the right or the left, you will not have equal parts between the front sight and rear sight. 

This picture is a shot called 6 o’clock hold. This shot is normally used if you have a Glock because the shoot a little on the high side. 

Breath Control- Once you have locked in on your target, take one larger inhale and exhale. Inhale again only this time when you exhale, hold your breath half way through your exhale. This will help keep your hand steady as you prepare to take your shot. Hold your breath during your shot and a couple of seconds after. 

Hold Control- Maintain a proper grip and proper shooting stance. Whether you’re shooting in a bench position, 2-hand standing, or 1-hand standing position. 

Trigger Control- Remember, your finger was NOT on the trigger during any of the above steps. Once you are ready to take your shot, gently place your finger on the trigger and lightly squeeze. NEVER yank or pull the trigger back. Pulling it back to forcefully/quickly can cause you to lose your aim and miss your target. Most of the time, you will see your aim was too high if you were too quick pulling the trigger. Also, try not to anticipate your shot. If you anticipate too much, you will subconsciously start pushing the gun down to try and prevent a heavy recoil and aim too low. It doesn’t matter how low your gun is pointed, you can’t avoid recoil so try focusing on your target, your breath, and easing your finger onto the trigger to take your mind off of what you’re afraid of.

Follow Through- This is the last step before repeating the above. Maintain your breath control, maintain your trigger squeeze, and maintain your sight alignment. A couple of seconds after the shot has fired, finish your exhale and slowly remove your finger from the trigger. This step is also important in the event that you shoot of a misfire or a hangfire. If you pull your trigger and hear “click” and nothing fires, count to 30 slowly. If it is a hangfire, that means the shot was delayed and will still shoot sometime within the 30 seconds so keep your aim and your stance steady. If you count to 30 and nothing has happened, release your magazine, pull back your slide, and inspect your firearm. If it is a misfire, you will see that the bullet is still in the chamber. In most cases, the striker hit the bullet but there was not enough force or powder to fire the bullet into the barrel and out the muzzle. You will then dispose of your bullet into a dud box. If you do not see your bullet in the chamber, there is a chance that this would be a “squib” and the bullet is either lodged into the barrel or fell out of the muzzle. In the case that it is stuck in your barrel, you would disassemble your gun and remove the bullet.