The Well Armed Woman

One of the main things I love about keeping up with a gun blog is the arguments I get to hear. Regardless of if I agree or not, I still enjoy hearing other people’s point of view in terms of gun safety, gun control, and policy. The best part is when I do agree with someone, I just hadn’t ever thought of making an argument that way.

I started looking into the possibility of joining a club or organization with other women who share the same interests as I do. One of the first suggestions that popped up in my search was how to find your local chapter and join The Well Armed Woman. Since the monthly meetings are right up the road at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, I decided I would reach out to them and see what they’re all about.

I got a response the following day. The email was very welcoming and attached was a flyer to give me a little more information about their club. I was also extremely pleased to know that newcomers are encouraged to come and check it out. They even go as far as to offer the first meeting free.

3rd ThursdaysTWAW~NoVa NRA Flyer

The next meeting will actually be held next week. I will hopefully be able to attend and will have something to report back!

Ladies– Have any of your ever gone to or still go to Well Armed Woman meetings? How were/are your experiences?

Interested in learning more too? Find your local chapter!