Purchasing a Handgun

Well cheers to me everybody! I am finally a happy owner of my OWN Beretta PX4 9mm semi-automatic pistol. No more borrowing from the shooting range. Hey, that’s a big step for me. 


I was actually pleasantly impressed at how easy it was for me to make my purchase today. I was upset the first time I tried because I was denied for not having my in-state driver’s license for more than 30 days. I guess that’s one of the many disadvantages of having to move. So I waited my 30 days and kept my money stored away in an account where I wouldn’t touch it, which was a good move on my part. My husband got off work early today so we grabbed a late lunch and were on our way! First, I stopped into REI and asked if they sold handguns. The guy looked at me like I was insane and told me to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was only a couple of miles away from my home but I said no anyways. I don’t really feel like supporting stores who are helping the anti-gun movement. Heck, they even run background checks on the purchase of ammo. Being that we’re near DC, if it weren’t Dicks it would be purchasing from a shooting range or purchasing online and transferring the weapon to a dealer. So instead, we ended up driving about an hour south to Gander Mountain. 

Obviously they had to run a background check, which there seems to be almost no way around that now. I needed 2 forms of I.D. and to fill out a couple of forms. After that, it was all mine. They had a large selection, the employees were helpful and kind, and I finally got my gun! Honestly, I was expecting a much more difficult time being that DC makes it nearly impossible to legally purchase a firearm. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the ONE licensed dealer in DC named Mr. Sykes. He’s been DC’s only licensed dealer since 1994. But thankfully, purchasing was a breeze. 

Coming home, I immediately read the manual and familiarized myself with the gun. Now that I finally have one of my own, I hope to start posting how-to’s and videos for new handgun owners.

What was your first purchase experience like?

Is Your Fear of Guns Clouding Your Judgement?

SO many people are absolutely petrified of guns, which in turn eliminates any if not all trace of logic in a gun debate. Anti-gun advocates are so set on trying to find “facts” to fit their agenda but the truth is, they’re only fueling the fire with their own fears.

What is fear? Let’s take the first definition from Dictionary.com.

A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

“Whether the threat is real or imagined”. I like that. What argument do we hear most often as to why people want gun-control? They want it because guns don’t make them ‘feel’ safe. Anti-gun advocates have it in their heads that guns make their world unsafe. There’s that word again! Now let’s look at FACT. Fact is, guns DO make you safe. Millions of people’s lives have been saved BECAUSE OF GUNS. Once again, if you’re in danger, who do you call? Don’t you call the police? And what do you expect them to do? Use their guns to save you.

Just because you are afraid of something doesn’t mean it is dangerous or meant to cause you harm. It also doesn’t mean that it won’t cause you harm just because you’re not afraid. Do you fear you’ll get in a car accident every day when you go to work? Do you fear your slice your hand every time you’re chopping vegetables? Do you fear you’ll drown every time you go to the swimming pool? Truth is, you probably have feared these things before once in your life but think about when. Was it when you first started learning or if you’ve never done it before? Once you learned how to swim, you were/are no longer afraid to drown. Once you learn to drive, it becomes second nature and you’re no longer terrified of dying in an accident. Once you get comfortable chopping vegetables, you no longer have horrific thoughts of chopping off your fingers or stabbing yourself.  Yet, just because you’re not afraid doesn’t mean these things can’t happen to you. Same applies for the opposite, just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean they will. Same applies for guns. People are afraid of guns because they don’t know anything about how to operate them properly or what to do in a situation when they’re around guns.

Why are people afraid of guns? “Because guns were made for one purpose, to kill people”. I hate this response more than anything and it is used as if it were a valid argument. Nothing in this world is made for only one purpose, including guns. Guns were made for protection and hunting. They are associated with murder because people have used them for such purposes, but look at the mass amounts of people who’s lives were saved because someone else had a gun. Just because someone owns a gun, doesn’t mean they’re going to harm you or anyone you love, no matter how bad you fear it.

STOP BASING YOUR GUN CONTROL ARGUMENTS ON YOUR FEARS THAT IT WILL HAPPEN. Emotions do not just turn into fact. You want to make your world a safer place? Educate yourself and your families.

I just wish that anti-gun fanatics would go and shoot a gun before spouting off their liberal non-sense. How many liberals do you think have actually SHOT a gun before? VERY very few, and that shows in the small percentage of liberals that own guns. Look, I get it. I was terrified of guns before I knew how to handle them. I grew up around a grandpa that has a room full of hunting rifles and I was NEVER TO GO IN THAT ROOM. That made me fear them because I was taught from the get-go that they were dangerous. Truth of the matter is, they wouldn’t have gone off just because I walked into the room. That was how I was made to feel. Further proof that feelings should not be a determining factor when it comes to creating laws. FACT IS, guns don’t just “go off”. FACT IS, guns are only dangerous if they are in the hands of a dangerous person. FACT IS, we have a constitutional right to protect ourselves. Whether it be from criminals, attackers, or unlawful government. FACT IS, I don’t want to hear a word about “gun-control” from someone who has never taken 10 seconds to learn gun safety and proper handling. 9 times out of 10, once you educate yourself on how to handle and shoot a firearm, you’ll no longer “feel” afraid. You may feel a little ignorant that all of these so-called “truths” about gun-violence that you advocated so strongly for are false, but at least you won’t feel afraid.

Now tell me, how do you make a valid argument based off of your emotions? You don’t. YOU BASE ARGUMENTS ON FACTS.

Colorado Students Go On Field Trip To A Gun Range

School officials in Pueblo County Colorado went against the grain with the ever so popular anti-gun trend and took their middle school students on a field trip to a local shooting range.

Project Appleseed was brought in to interact with the students and instruct them on the importance of gun safety and proper handling. All of the middle school students who attended the field trip were able to take a shot at a target with live ammunition. After all, hands-on learning has proven to be most effective right?

After getting permission from the county sheriff’s office and the parents, the field trip was scheduled a week after the students learned about the Revolutionary War. Jonah Statezny was interviewed by the area’s local news channel, KRDO-13 where he expressed his enthusiasm for the ‘not-so-ordinary’ school trip.

I’m very excited, today we’re going to come out here on the gun range and shoot a little bit. The past week we’ve learned about the revolutionary war… I think everyone should learn how to use a gun but learn how to use it properly, and the precautions you’re supposed to take and how serious a gun really is.

Let me just say, I think this is an AMAZING step forward for gun owners. Incorporating gun safety into school curriculum can help kids understand a gun’s full potential. So many teens think that guns are a toy and don’t realize the damage they can do if not handled properly. Accidents can and will be prevented as long as people continue to take a stand and educate everyone in gun safety and proper firearm use.

I applaud you Pueblo County. You have my full support. Heck, I wish I would have gotten this opportunity as a kid!

Biggest Gun Fails

And this my friends is why you see me mention gun safety in just about every post. Serious accidents could have resulted from each and every one of these videos, assuming they hadn’t already. If you want to shoot or own a gun, great and I encourage you to, BUT (and it’s a BIG but) EDUCATE YOURSELF. Learn about guns, including the proper ways to hold them, load/unload, and fire them. Also, don’t be afraid to start off small and work your way up. Recoil can be a scary thing if you don’t know what to expect. Also, DO NOT just give your gun to a friend/family member/spouse to “try”. It’s not a toy so don’t treat it as such. 

Finally, practice proper grips. If you don’t want to gun to fly out of your hand, smack you in the face, or knock you off your feet, then get a firm grip and know how to hold it. Holding a shotgun down by your hip is not the proper way to shoot. Holding a handgun sideways with one hand or down by your belly button with bent elbows is not the way to hold it. 

Accidents happen because people aren’t willing to learn the right way or their friends don’t know enough themselves to teach proper gun safety. It’s people like this that give RESPONSIBLE gun owners (and yes there is a difference) a very very bad name. 

What do you do to ensure your loved ones are well informed?