The Perfect Gift For a Gun-Lover and Morning-Hater

Alright, so what’s a gun blog if you can’t post funny stuff every now and then?

Anyone that knows me (which out of my readers, I think is 1 person), would know that I am NOT a morning person. I hate waking up. I hate getting out of my cozy, warm bed. Most of all, I hate the sound of my alarm. Like seriously, it has got to be THE MOST annoying noise on the planet. 

Well, it looks like there are other morning-haters out there besides me and they came up with the perfect alarm clock. 

Or shoot.

I mean, really. Is there a better way to take out your morning-anger on your alarm clock? I think not. Not to mention, you get some target practice in before you’re up and ready for the day. Sure, it’s probably for kids 12 and under but who cares. It’s genius. 

If you want one, there is a Groupon special for the next 5 days! Did I mention last week was my birthday? 😉