School Shooting Drill Features Hooded Assailant

As if teaching students to run and hide in an open field when there is a shooter isn’t a bad enough idea already, an elementary school in Wyoming creates the worst drill I have ever heard of. How, you ask? Well, you know, they just have a man dressed up as a hooded assailant go around campus and scare the living daylight out of children.

On Thursday at 10am, Worland’s East Side Elementary School partnered with local law enforcement to practice a drill. While children were out playing on the playground, a suspicious man wearing a hoodie and a backpack appeared near the back of the playground. The gym teacher, Kevin Heyer, then confronted the suspicious man and immediately yelled for the kids to run to the back of the field, which was in the opposite direction of the shooter. Aubrey Truman reported that she also heard Heyer say that the man had a gun and that she was terrified for her life. She wondered if she would die or if she would ever see her parents again. However, Heyer does not recall ever mentioning that the intruder had a gun.

Kaydence Munoz, age 9, told the school’s superintendent that the ‘intruder’ also reached out to one of the kids as he was chasing them.

After several minutes of being exposed and afraid in an open field, local law enforcement came out and students reported that they were smiling. At this time, all of the students were informed that it was just a drill and that the suspicious man was not there to harm them, but rather to help prepare them for what to do in the future if there is ever an intruder. Students did not find this comforting or amusing, and neither did their parents.

Amy Munoz is furious she wasn’t notified beforehand.

“They took it to an extreme not to discuss this with parents and the community beforehand,” she said. “It’s a slap in the face.”

“They just think they can do whatever they want with our kids,” she added.

Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness, the sheriff who lead the training, told the local news that the training was a success.

A little too far for a school drill, don’t you think?

Ohio School District Trains Staff On Responding to a Shooter

A school in Sidney, OH has given their staff proper training and access to firearms in the event of an emergency or school shooting. This Ohio school district has also trained their staff on how to use a Trauma Kit. 


I think this is a good step forward. Some of the other school districts in surrounding areas do not feel the need for these kits because they believe they are already prepared to handle an emergency situation. Though this may be true, my stance is that you can never be too prepared. Emergency trauma kits are good for a number of reasons. They’re more sanitary and usually offer more supplies than a traditional first aid kit. Another reason being that in most emergency situations, especially in a shooting, staff and/or students may not be able to make it to seek medical attention from the school nurse. 

Proper firearms and medical training in our school system can make a world of a difference. Kudos Sidney, Ohio.