Will a Bullet Proof Blanket Protect Your Child During a School Shooting?

Image from bodyguardblanket.com

In wake of the most recent school shootings, ProTecht (an Oklahoma company) has released a new product in which they advertise will protect students from rubble, debris, glass, and even bullets. The Body Blanket is 5/16 inch rectangular, bullet proof product that can protect students in the event of a tragedy on campus. 

The idea was originally aimed to protect children without access to shelter during a tornado, especially in Oklahoma. Once the outline was handed over to inventor Steve Schone, he believed it would be best to equip the product with the type of high-density plastic used in ballistic armor. This plastic is said to not only help create a safer alternative for children than laying down with your hands over your head (which never seemed like a good idea to me), but it’s also lighter than most modern-day technology. 

One problem: Price is a huge obstacle. At about $1,000 per blanket, most schools can not afford to purchase enough blankets to protect every student in the event of a school shooting. 

Another problem: This is really just a security blanket. If the shooter had a 9mm handgun (MAYBE) or an extremely low-power rifle, this could protect them from the bullet. To stop a high-caliber bullet, you would probably be looking at about 3 or 4 of these stacked together. 

Another problem: These blankets won’t protect you from someone coming over and yanking it off you or rolling you over. 

In my opinion, this is a waste of money. Most schools cannot afford these blankets. I think money well spent would be providing faculty with proper firearms training or getting better security for the schools. Heck, even installing thicker doors would be a cheaper option than purchasing $1,000 vests for every student.

What do you think?

Moms Demand Action Is At It Again with Not One More

STAND WITH RICHARD: After his only child was murdered in the Santa Barbara shootings last week, Richard Martinez’s voice roared across America: “Not. One. More.” Join Julianne Moore and the more than 400,000 Americans who – in just two days – have sent nearly two million postcards to Congress. Show that you stand with Richard, and that you will hold legislators accountable for protecting our children, families and communities from gun violence.

CLICK HERE to send a postcard to your members of Congress and governor telling them that not one more American should die because of our broken gun laws: http://every.tw/1irSuER. And SEND your #NotOneMorephotos to photos@momsdemandaction.org


It just never ends. Why is it that people refuse to look at the fact the more guns means less crime? They are basically using the argument that the number of mass shootings is steadily increasing and they won’t tolerate it any more. Which, I hate to break it to you Mom’s Demand, but the FBI crime report shows them as flat from 1980 to today. That means mass shootings are not increasing nor decreasing. However, violent crime IS decreasing drastically. I think that has something to do with the fact that 42% of American households have a gun in the home.

Where is Moms Demand when someone uses a gun in self-defense and ultimately saves their own lives? How about WE NEED MORE. We need more people behind legal gun ownership. Law abiding citizens are not the reason this poor man’s son was killed. You want to get rid of guns in the hands of criminals? Go for it! I agree. Not one more criminal should have a gun, but you’re attacking the wrong people. Sending hundreds of thousands of cards to congress isn’t going to take weapons out of the hands of violent people, it will take weapons out of the hands of those hoping to use them AGAINST a criminal in a violent or threatening attack.