Purchasing a Handgun

Well cheers to me everybody! I am finally a happy owner of my OWN Beretta PX4 9mm semi-automatic pistol. No more borrowing from the shooting range. Hey, that’s a big step for me. 


I was actually pleasantly impressed at how easy it was for me to make my purchase today. I was upset the first time I tried because I was denied for not having my in-state driver’s license for more than 30 days. I guess that’s one of the many disadvantages of having to move. So I waited my 30 days and kept my money stored away in an account where I wouldn’t touch it, which was a good move on my part. My husband got off work early today so we grabbed a late lunch and were on our way! First, I stopped into REI and asked if they sold handguns. The guy looked at me like I was insane and told me to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was only a couple of miles away from my home but I said no anyways. I don’t really feel like supporting stores who are helping the anti-gun movement. Heck, they even run background checks on the purchase of ammo. Being that we’re near DC, if it weren’t Dicks it would be purchasing from a shooting range or purchasing online and transferring the weapon to a dealer. So instead, we ended up driving about an hour south to Gander Mountain. 

Obviously they had to run a background check, which there seems to be almost no way around that now. I needed 2 forms of I.D. and to fill out a couple of forms. After that, it was all mine. They had a large selection, the employees were helpful and kind, and I finally got my gun! Honestly, I was expecting a much more difficult time being that DC makes it nearly impossible to legally purchase a firearm. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the ONE licensed dealer in DC named Mr. Sykes. He’s been DC’s only licensed dealer since 1994. But thankfully, purchasing was a breeze. 

Coming home, I immediately read the manual and familiarized myself with the gun. Now that I finally have one of my own, I hope to start posting how-to’s and videos for new handgun owners.

What was your first purchase experience like?