Armed Citizen Fights Back and Wins: Good Guy with a Gun Strikes Again!

Well, I guess the good guy with a gun is at it again! I wonder what Shannon Watts has to say now..

Police: Robbery suspect loses ‘bet’ that victim doesn’t have a gun

Posted: Jun 20, 2014 8:37 AM EDTUpdated: Jun 20, 2014 12:29 PM EDT


A man with a gunshot wound was reported, Friday morning, at an apartment complex called the Pines on Watkins Drive; but he wasn’t shot there.

Jackson police say, shortly before that, a guest at a nearby Motel 6 had a run in with the man in the rear parking lot.

They say the guest was approached by a man asking for cigarettes.

The hotel guest said he didn’t have any cigarettes.

The man began to walk away, turned around and said “betcha’ ain’t got one of these,” pointing a gun at the victim.   

The man did however have “one of these” and fired at the man trying to rob him, striking him in the chest.  

The shooting victim left and was later picked up by ambulance at the Pines apartments.   

At this time the shooter, a contractor from the coast, working in Jackson is not facing any charges.   

The case will be presented to the Hinds County grand jury. 

Name and condition of shooting victim not being released yet.