Genius Ghost Gunner advertisement

My husband shared this with me and I just had to share it with you!

Using clips of anti-gun activists’ arguments to promote your ad is just genius.

This can be purchased online. This can be purchased at gun stores. This doesn’t have a serial number and doesn’t require a background check. This is a ‘ghost gun’.

No one knows that they exist.

EXACTLY. How can our government confiscate guns that they don’t know we have? That’s the whole point. If they want to find ways to put more restrictions on guns and ammo sales, people are going to find ways around that so they won’t have their rights taken away. If you want so badly to know who has guns, then stop trying to take them away.

Also, it is very comical to listen to the argument. So, can anyone tell me what a .30 caliber clip is exactly? It sounds to me like this guy knows absolutely nothing about standard rounds for an AR-15. Or about standard rounds for anything. A .30 caliber round is standard for a M1 Carbine, a rifle that was introduced in the 1940’s and used during WW2. Oh, and did I mention that you use magazines for an M1 Carbine?

.30 caliber rounds are also sometimes used for pistols and handguns. Handguns have magazines not clips and revolvers have chambers.

So, I was interested as to the fact that he so confidently thinks that a .30 caliber has the capability of feeding an AR-15.

He then further shot his argument down by saying that a .30 ‘magazine clip’ is capable of firing 30 bullets within half a second.

This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.

Ok..hold up. A magazine encloses bullets in a box with a spring to feed the ammo into the chamber. A clip is a metal device designed to hold the bullet (measured by the width of the caliber) and does NOT enclose to bullet, meaning the rounds are exposed. So how exactly can a bullet be exposed and enclosed in a box? And apparently this freaky, contradicting ‘ghost gun’ can also fire quicker than some fully automatic weapons. Crazy right?

Good job, Kevin De Leon. Good job.

Alright anti-gunners. Before you start trying to promote gun control, how about you actually take the time to learn what you’re saying.

Check out Defense Distributed and their Ghost Gunner Project.