Michigan Governor Passes Bill To Educate Children on Gun Safety

Yup, you’ve read that right. The anti-gun, liberal state of Michigan actually took a step FORWARD in the guns category and I was shocked!

House Bill 5085, which took immediate effect as Public Act 201 of 2014, corrects an unduly burdensome restraint on youth firearm education by reasonably expanding the class of individuals who are allowed to supervise and instruct Michigan’s youth in the safe use of pistols.

This means that it will now be easier for children to receive proper firearms training and will give them the opportunity to learn how critical gun safety is in a controlled environment. What is the outcome? Less accidents. How many accidents could have been avoided if the person holding the gun knew proper handling and safety? 

So thank you to Boy Scouts of America, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, and Governor Rick Snyder for passing this VERY important piece of legislation. Well done.

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