New gun owner uses firearm on home intruder

As reported on The Blaze, son gives his widowed mother a gun out of fear for her safety. One week later, she uses the firearm after being woken up by an intruder in the middle of the night.

A woman was startled out of her sleep early Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home. It turned out to be a robbery suspect who police believe was breaking into neighborhood homes in West Columbus, Ohio.

The woman grabbed her firearm and confront the intruder, eventually firing what would be a fatal shot. The suspect was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital hours later.

The homeowner’s son told WSYX-TV that he had given the gun to his mom, a widow, last week because he was worried about her safety.

West Columbus Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian confirmed to the news station that the “homeowner was awakened and defended herself.”

However, he also reportedly added, “We need to determine if she needed to defend herself and if she took the proper action.”

My first thought after reading this article was what was there to determine? A man broke into a single woman’s home in the middle of the night. Of course she needed to defend herself!

Not to mention, has Sgt. Sicilian not read up on recent laws in his state? Senate Bill 184 that passed in September of 2008 required that the victim of a home invasion had to attempt to retreat before using deadly force and would have to prove that in court. However, Senate Bill 17 was brought into effective 3 years later and made numerous changes to the previous policies, including provisions known as ‘Castle Laws’. Since the Castle Doctrine was brought into effective, homeowners are presumed to have acted in self-defense when using deadly force against someone who has illegal entered their vehicle or place of residence.

Montana Homeowner Uses Firearm for Defense in Home Invasion

Intruder fatally shot by Montana homeowner (VIDEO).

You don’t really hear stories like this get very far in the media. Gee, I wonder why? It’s probably because they don’t want you to ever think that a gun could be used in a GOOD way. Nahhh. That’s probably not it. It’s only because guns are only used to kill innocent people, right?

The suspect was later identified as 39-year-old Tobias Ian Bishop of Missoula and apparently had a long criminal history, which expanded over at least two other states and included burglary, assault and drug-related arrests.

Bishop also had active warrants for theft and forgery charges. Prior run-ins with law enforcement indicated that he was prone to violence. Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman said that they believe the man was involved in at least one other nearby burglary that morning.

The incident is still under investigation and no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner.”

So this intruder had a long history of criminal behavior including assault, burglary, and drug-related arrests and the homeowner acts accordingly to protect himself, his family, and his home. I don’t see a problem here. Actually, I commend this man for exercising his right to self-defense and to bear arms, but what I am more impressed with is that the article didn’t blow things out of proportion and make this another story to promote gun control. Kudos to Montana!