More Women Turning to Firearms For Self Defense

When compared to 2013, numbers from the Indiana State Police show an increase of 27% of females applying for a fire arm license within the first quarter of 2014.

Female gun ownership is rising fast. Thank goodness! Sadly this increase in sales and ownership is coming from recent Indiana homicides striking fear into female citizens. Women feel the need to protect themselves, as they should!

Rebecca Bartol jumped on this opportunity quickly and opened up a gun store catering to women called Femme Fatale Guns & Sporting Goods Inc. Along with her pink guns, purses, and feminine holsters, Bartol will also be working closely with certified instructors to get more women into classes and educate them on proper gun training, safety, and handling. The grand opening of her store was this month, and so far, it looks like sales are doing well.

We do have quite a few women who come in and are [saying], ‘I don’t have a firearm and I don’t know where to start,’ Bartol said.


As a girl, I can relate. I only wish I had access to a gun store that is targeted for women. The thought of walking into a gun store with a bunch of men intimidated me. I honestly think that if more stores like this were to open, more women would be encouraged to ask they questions they’re afraid to ask.

Aside from the spike in female gun ownership in Indiana, the trend stretches across the nation. According to the 2012 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 61% of firearm retailers surveyed said they saw an increase in female customers.



This makes me happy. You go ladies!