Georgia Home Owner Holds Shotgun on Burglar

Larry Jason Hood.jpg

Waylon Griner, 42, was woken up by his doorbell early Sunday morning. As he was getting out of bed, he noticed a man running from his shed to a green Chevrolet SUV. Griner then grabbed his shotgun and decided to have a little chat with his new burglar friend, who at the time was attempting to steal a Murray lawn mower.

When Griner confronted Larry Jason Hood, he held his shotgun on him until police arrived.

When Hood was arrested in 2008 for a series of 9 burglaries, the sheriff’s office determined that the perpetrator would knock on the front door in order to see if the owner was home. If someone answered the door, he would play it off as though he had the wrong house.

Out of his many arrests, Hood has never been held at gun point by the owners. Maybe this time he’ll think twice about taking what doesn’t belong to him.

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