Bloomberg to teach journalists about firearms

As soon as I read this title “Bloomberg-backed gun group to teach journalists about firearms“, I immediately thought WHAT A HORRIBLE IDEA.

Just in case you don’t feel like clicking on the link and reading the article, I will give a little summary.

Bloomberg wants to hold a 2-day workshop to educate attendees on guns and gun violence. At this workshop, he would also like to teach (HA!) journalists about guns and how to report on said topic.

The workshop, funded by Everytown for Gun Safety, will offer independent expert briefings and specialized reporting skills training to enhance the practical ability of journalists to report on guns and gun violence knowledgeably, ethically and effectively,” the website reported.

Ok, so in other words Bloomberg wants to brainwash a bunch of uneducated journalists with his psychobabble b.s. to support his anti-gun agenda, when in fact he has NO knowledge whatsoever about proper gun safety and handling. Yes, it seems like a TERRIFIC idea for someone who knows nothing about guns to teach other uneducated people about guns. Bravo, Michael Bloomberg. I am so glad that you are planning to train journalists on how to report EFFECTIVELY and ETHICALLY.

How is it ethical if you are telling them how and what they should be reporting? Look, I majored in Journalism. I know all about ethics in journalism and this does not even come close. If these journalists REALLY want to know about guns and report ethically, head over to gun safety and education courses with the NRA, get them some range time, and let them come up with THEIR OWN opinions.

I’ve been there. I was terrified of guns. I was worried that some of the crazies in my high school or college would bring one to campus and hurt all of us. I actually specifically remember nightmares about it when I was in 10th grade. Why? Because so many people told me “guns are bad”, “guns kill people!”, “There are so many school shootings every year”. It was when I took it upon myself to learn that I realized how insane those statements really are. Look at journalist Emily Miller (check out Emily Gets Her Gun) who decided to dig deeper and learn more about guns. She was hesitant and afraid to shoot at first, but because she decided to report THE TRUTH, she wanted to see for herself. Throughout the book she fact checks people like Obama and Bloomberg, and not because she was ‘taught’ what to say but instead because she did her research. Come on, people. Does it not seem corrupt in the slightest that a politician wants to ‘teach’ journalists what to say?

If Bloomberg instills the same fear and lies into these journalists as what was drilled into my brain by the media 10 years ago, he will only increase the media support for gun control in America. Which is exactly what he is wanting to do.

Mandatory Smart Gun Bracelets: Reliable or Inadequate?

Coming up with the idea of a gun that works only by activating it through use of a battery-operated device sounds far from reliable to me. Think of how often your iPhones or your Nike Fuel bands die. Would you let your life depend on the life of your phone? I sure wouldn’t. So how is this any different?

Not to mention, this technology is for one purpose and one purpose only: To track and disable your firearm whenever it seems fit. Did you know that authorities are requesting permission to gain access to Smart Guns and the devices that kick them into gear? That means, they want access to override your Smart Gun if they feel it as necessary. So tell me, if there is technology that can allow a police officer to override your gun, what makes you think that a criminal can’t access YOUR GUN in the same way?

Let’s also think of it this way. Do you honestly think criminals are going to allow their lives to depend on a gun in which law officials obtain the technology to turn off?

People like Eric Holder are talking this up like it is actually for your own safety. That’s not the case. Gun control has always been about one thing: CONTROL. They want to make it seem like they are compromising and letting America keep their guns. This is far from it! Tell me, can law enforcement officials deactivate your gun right now? They sure can’t. Can they deactivate it if Smart Guns become the only legal gun in this country? Yup. So tell me, how is turning off a Smart Gun any different than confiscation? And what’s even better for them is that Smart Guns have a GPS tracking device so they will know exactly who has it and where it is.

Get with it America. Smart Guns are not ‘safer’ or made for your best interest. It is an easy way for very bad people to restrict your right to bear arms before completely taking it away.