Colorado Springs Student In Trouble For Drawing a Gun for His Assignment

Second grader Kody Smith was told to go outside and look at the clouds. His assignment was to use his imagination and draw what he saw. Sadly for this 8 year-old, he didn’t get the memo that guns weren’t allowed even on paper.

Because Kody drew a picture of a gun, his teacher called him to the front office and filed a behavior report.
This is the picture that Kody drew:

kodys drawing



Scary isn’t it? It’s SO life-like!

Obviously, this child’s parents were concerned and upset because Kody did exactly what he was told to do for this assignment. His report states that he was being disruptive to the entire learning community. But wait for it- his parents were then told that this report would not be filed with his permanent record because “the student’s education was never distrupted.” Ok, so then why did he get in trouble in the first place?


This is brainwashing at it’s finest. Now this kid will be afraid of guns because he will associate them with getting him in trouble.

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