Chuck Norris Joins Forces with NRA for Pro 2nd Amendment Campaign

Just in case I needed another reason to like Chuck Norris, my husband found this awesome bit of information on Conservative Tribune.

BREAKING: Chuck Norris Will Chair NRA Campaign to Defend the Second Amendment

Some things in life were just made for each other. Chuck Norris and the NRA are a good example of such a match.

The National Rifle Association is joining forces with martial arts master Chuck Norris to lead a campaign to help secure the Second Amendment rights of all Americans through a massive voter registration movement.

An advertisement put out by the gun rights group compares holding a voter registration card to owning a firearm.

The ad features a conversation between a father and son, with dad holding something that looks like a gun case, explaining to his son that what’s inside is not a toy, but something used to protect the family. When the dad opens up the case, it contains the card.

According to USA Today, Norris will serve as the chairman for the “Trigger the Vote” campaign, and will be participating in events to help get the word out encouraging gun owners to register to vote in upcoming elections. The Trigger the Vote website features a picture of Norris with a message beneath it describing their mission.

“The only protection against attacks on our Second Amendment rights and the democratic process is your vote,” reads the message on the Trigger the Vote website beneath a picture of Norris. “And this year in particular, we will need each and every individual gun owner’s vote, in every precinct and every district across the country.”

Awesome. Voting is a powerful weapon in the hands of the American people. It’s the primary way that each and every citizen can make their voice heard and play an important role in choosing who will represent them and lead the country.

With each election, liberals and progressives are doing their best to enact strict gun control legislation aimed at stripping the public of their right to bear arms. It is critical that gun rights activists be registered to vote in order to kick anti-gun politicians out to the curb and replace them with individuals who will seek to protect our constitutional rights.

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