Store Clerks “Stands Up For What’s Right” Against Armed Robber

Zara Adil was the victim of an armed robbery on Friday, February 27. Adil was working the cash register at Discount Tobacco Zone, when two men came in demanding the money from her drawer. After she opened the register, the man put his gun down to retrieve the cash, giving Adil enough of an opportunity to take the gun for herself. One of the robbers ran away while the guy behind the counter attacked her. While they were fighting, Adil shot the man in the shoulder. He begged for her to let him ago and she agreed only if he would leave the money. After he attempted to take the drawer and run, Adil attacked him again, and the man eventually left without the money.

Adil claims that she was standing up for what is right.

“If more people stand up, they won’t have that much courage to go around and do what they’re doing,” says Adil. “With the things that go on here nothing scares me anymore…these people do not show respect, they do not know respect. If stricter punishment is given maybe it will teach these robbers a lesson.”

Here is the raw security footage:

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