Will Ferrell partners with Brady Campaign to post horrible gun ad

We all know that Will Ferrell is vocal about being pro gun-control, but this most recent (poor) shot at humor is just too much. In an effort to push gun control, this video on ‘Funny or Die’ attempts to confront the ‘issue’ that criminals can purchase guns without forgoing a criminal background check.

Will Ferrell’s participation in Demand A Plan

Anyone who is willing to spend 5 minutes doing research knows that this just isn’t true. If you don’t want to spend 5 minutes, that’s ok. I’ll do it for you.

Arizona requires background checks in order to purchase a firearm if you do not have a license to carry concealed—> Click here. NOTE: In order to receive a concealed carry license in AZ, what do you have to do? Oh, right. Forgo a criminal background check —> Click here.

Nevada requires that all licensed dealers perform a criminal background check on prospective buyers —> Click here.

Their argument is that people can avoid getting a background check by going through unlicensed dealers, which by the way is also illegal. Their state requires that any weapons bought or sold must go through an FFL dealer.

When talking about Nevada, they also claim that you can just head over to California and start selling your guns. First of all, when has trafficking ever been legal? Second of all, California background checks ARE required in order to purchase a firearm  —> Click here.

Instead, they like to make you think that there is some sort of ‘loophole’ that allows criminals to avoid a background check and somehow receiving access to unregistered/illegal firearms, which they supposedly can just take to another state and sell to more violent criminals. 

Also– this ad only further validates the gun rights argument that criminals don’t obey laws I.e. avoiding background checks and illegally trafficking/selling guns. I highly doubt this was intentional, which only further proves how ridiculous this video is. 

So recap: this video uses actors to try and claim that criminals can legally get their hands on guns, which is not true. It also validates the gun rights claim that criminals don’t follow gun laws. 

Conclusion? Implementing more restrictive gun laws won’t keep criminals from purchasing or selling them illegally.

Hey, the ad said it. Not me.

California Governor Signs New Bill Allowing Gun Confiscation

On Tuesday, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed into a new law stating that a close relative or law enforcement can petition to have a firearm taken from citizen, also known as the ‘Gun Restraining Order’. There are 2 major problems with the ‘logic’ behind this law:

1. Taking one weapon away from someone who wants to do harm to another individual will not keep them from finding another way. Take a gun away, fine. They’ll find a knife, bat, hammer, whatever. You’re giving the ‘close relative’ false hope that just because you took their gun away, they are no longer in danger.

2. Close relatives and law enforcement: Honestly, who is looking into this? What would happen if a LEO petitioned to have someone’s firearms confiscated- would anyone look into the reasoning or are they going to take their word for it? This gives people power to disarm citizens for any reason.

Below is the article from Guns N Freedom. What do you think?

The state of California has long been the state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It just got much worse.

Yahoo reported that people who fear a close relative may commit gun violence will be able to petition a judge to temporarily remove the person’s firearms in California, under a bill signed into law on Tuesday by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

The legislation – the first such measure in the United States – was introduced after police in Isla Vista near Santa Barbara said they were unable to confiscate weapons from a man who later went on a rampage and killed six people, despite concern from his family.

“In the case of the Isla Vista shooter, Elliot Rodger, his mother was noticing that he was becoming more agitated and making these threats of violence, but there was little she could do and little the police could do,” said Democratic Assembly member Nancy Skinner of Berkeley, who introduced the bill along with Santa Barbara Democrat Das Williams.

Under the so-called gun violence restraining order in the court system, immediate family members and law enforcement agencies could ask a judge to order guns temporarily removed from certain individuals.

The restraining order would last 21 days, and could be extended up to a year, after a notice and a hearing.

“The new ‘Gun Violence Restraining Order’ law will give families and law enforcement a needed tool to reduce the risk of mass shootings and gun violence both in the home and on our streets,” said Nick and Amanda Wilcox, legislative co-chairs of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The law has support from law enforcement agencies and is based on an existing measure that temporarily blocks people with domestic violence restraining orders from owning a gun.

“If it can save one life, one family from that agony, it will be worth it,” Democratic state Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, said during debate on the measure.

Many of us say that the bill infringed on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Brown also signed a bill on Tuesday requiring BB guns and pellet guns to be brightly colored or otherwise marked so that law enforcement officers do not mistake them for deadly firearms.

The bill was introduced after a 13-year-old Northern California boy was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy while carrying a pellet gun that looked like an assault weapon.

The law also expanded the definition of a BB gun in California to include firearms that shoot pellets larger than 6 millimeters.

Just one more step for California.

Are NJ Gun Laws and CA Senators Trafficking Scheme Connected?

As most of you know from reading about recent events, California State Senator and gun-control advocate Leland Yee was arrested yesterday for accepting campaign donations in exchange for trafficking automatic weapons, missiles, and rockets to the Muslim rebels in the Philippines. What you haven’t heard is that the cargo ship filled with these high-artillery weapons was scheduled to dock at Newark Port in New Jersey.

If the weapons on the cargo ship were to be delivered to those involved, why not directly ship from Russia to the Philippines? Wouldn’t that have lessened the risk for exposure? If Yee’s plan was to ship weapons from Russia to the Philippines for the sole reason of supplying heavy artillery to an Islamic terrorist group, then why would the cargo ship come to the US? Or more importantly, why New Jersey? If you ask me, that is a long way in the wrong direction if his plan was to go down the way he claims. Which is where I get suspicious and you should too.

Looking at recent events in New Jersey- A law has recently passed limiting the sales and/or ownership of a high-capacity magazine (over 10 rounds) and the state is further pushing the matter that guns should be banned in general.

If Yee was looking to supply weaponry to radical Islamists in the Philippines, what makes you think he wouldn’t be looking to supply these same weapons to radicals in our own country? Why he would do this is simple- If he were to see to it that these weapons would be imported to criminal entities in the streets of New Jersey, this could create more gun violence ultimately leading to MORE GUN CONTROL. Fact is, groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are waging “civilization jihad” against our Constitution to gradually implement Sharia Law on Americans through Muslim judges and anti-gun leftists.

Which makes you wonder- Where any New Jersey politicians involved as well? It wouldn’t surprise me.

This past February, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)-NJ chose Mohamed Al Filali as their new leader.

He was also the chairman of the American Muslim Union’s Chapters Committee from 1999 to 2001. Mahmoud was on the executive board of the Muslim Arab Youth Association, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, at the same time that the FBI learned of Islamist rhetoric at its events”

Then you have NJ Governor Chris Christie. Don’t let the Republican title fool you. He is a sympathizer of Hamas (a terrorist organization), he appointed a pro-Islamist judge by the name of Sohail Mohammed (who also has questionable ties to Hamas, and in July of 2012 Christie welcomed Imam Qatannani at an Iftar dinner that was held at the governor’s mansion. Qatannani was arrested by the Israeli government and convicted of terrorism, and was threatened to be deported. Until Christie and Sohail Mohammed stepped in. Sohail Mohammed was Qatannani’s lawyer when he plead guilty to membership of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Shall I also add that Qatannani both defends and supports a ‘charity’ that provides funds to children of suicide bombers? At the Iftar dinner, Christie introduced Qatannani and said that “in all [his] interactions with Imam over the years, he has always attempted to be a force of good… any people who have a problem with him are racist.” The original audio of Christie’s speech has been pulled from YouTube, but luckily for you, I still have it:

Next, you have Bill Pascrell, who is the U.S Representative for New Jersey’s 9th congressional district. A district, might I add, that is heavily populated with Palestinians who openly wear the Hamas scarf (keffiyeh). If you’re not familiar with what that is, the scarf (keffiyeh) is used to express that they are committed enemies of Israelis and Jewish peoples. Keffiyeh is a slogan to mean “Jerusalem is our’s- WE ARE COMING!”

Tell me- If these individuals were given a free weapon, do you think there would be any hesitation in killing Jewish people? Or any people for that matter if to further assist towards their agenda? Do you not see that there is a growing threat of Islamic Jihad GROWING FAST in our country? That’s including our leaders!

To think that our guns could be taken away and placed in the hands of these people is sickening. What’s even more disturbing is that you don’t see what’s happening right in front of you. We have senators, congressmen, and US representatives that are in bed with Muslim terrorist groups. What do they all have in common? They want to disarm law-abiding citizens and take over this country. How will they do that? BY MAKING YOU THINK GUN CONTROL IS A GREAT IDEA.

If this sounds crazy to you then fine. Stay asleep at the wheel and watch your whole world crash and burn before your eyes. But before you do, answer me this-

Why is NO ONE talking about the cargo ship that was set to dock in New Jersey?

Is this all a matter of coincidence and poor timing when taking the New Jersey gun laws into play?

Why are the American people no longer asking questions about their government?

Finally, take another look at the affidavit that I posted yesterday. The undercover FBI agent is telling Yee (look pages 98-101) he has connections to the port of NJ, and assures Yee that he can ship the weapons there. While reading this, I asked myself “What connections did he have there and why would they ship them there?” Something was left out, but because the big, bad Yee was arrested, everyone thinks this is no longer an issue.