Bad Sex Drives Woman To Shoot Boyfriend

Sadie Bell

Talk about being sexually frustrated! 58-year-old Sadie Bell admitted to shooting her boyfriend after a round of horrible sex. Why? Because she believed that this sudden unexpected run of bad sex meant that he was cheating on her. My immediate reaction, sadly, was to laugh. First, this guy has been cheating on his wife with Bell for 15 years. What would make her think that he wouldn’t turn around and do the same thing when he was bored? Anyways, I guess common sense escapes her often.

He was hospitalized for 5 months and she was convicted of assault with intent to do bodily harm and felony gun charge. She was also sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Most convicts would (should) have to wait out their prison sentence, but Bell got lucky with a granted appeal bond of only $10,000. You can imagine why Oakland County prosecutors are outraged.

Prosecutors say Bell makes snap decisions and reacts with violence. They say she shot her husband years ago, but never went to court for it.

As crazy and comical as this story seems, there is a bigger picture here. Why are people getting ‘get out of jail free’ cards? Why are convicts not being expected to stick out their punishment? Why are we offering bail (especially that low) to someone who has a violent history? This chick should be back behind bars, and in my opinion, for much longer than 4 years.