CEO of NutShellz Gets Shot in the Nuts with a 22 Long Rifle Voluntarily

CEO of Nutshellz volunteers to be shot in the family jewels in hopes of showing customers how strong his cups are.

There aren’t many business owners in this world that trust their product enough to shoot themselves in one of the body’s most sensitive areas, but Jeremiah Raber proves that his Nutshellz Groin Protector is strong enough to withstand a bullet.

In this video, Raber packs on his armor, draws an ‘x’ on the family jewels, and nervously stands in front of his friend, who by the way is preparing to shoot him with a .22 long rifle.

Click here to watch the video and read the full article on Wide Open Spaces.

Man Treats Gunshot Wound To The Head with Neosporin

Whenever I was a kid and I got a cut, an ouchie, or a boo-boo, my mom relied heavily on Neosporin. If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, think of the dad with his damn bottle of Windex and that was my mom. Never in a million years did I think that anyone would rely on Neosporin to treat a severe head wound, but this guy sure proved me wrong..

So in case you don’t actually want to read the full article, here is a short summary.

Guy from Alaska is playing with a .22 long rifle and accidentally shoots himself in the head. He treats his wound with a tube of Neosporin and then heads to the hospital 5 days later when he runs out.