Will Ferrell partners with Brady Campaign to post horrible gun ad

We all know that Will Ferrell is vocal about being pro gun-control, but this most recent (poor) shot at humor is just too much. In an effort to push gun control, this video on ‘Funny or Die’ attempts to confront the ‘issue’ that criminals can purchase guns without forgoing a criminal background check.

Will Ferrell’s participation in Demand A Plan

Anyone who is willing to spend 5 minutes doing research knows that this just isn’t true. If you don’t want to spend 5 minutes, that’s ok. I’ll do it for you.

Arizona requires background checks in order to purchase a firearm if you do not have a license to carry concealed—> Click here. NOTE: In order to receive a concealed carry license in AZ, what do you have to do? Oh, right. Forgo a criminal background check —> Click here.

Nevada requires that all licensed dealers perform a criminal background check on prospective buyers —> Click here.

Their argument is that people can avoid getting a background check by going through unlicensed dealers, which by the way is also illegal. Their state requires that any weapons bought or sold must go through an FFL dealer.

When talking about Nevada, they also claim that you can just head over to California and start selling your guns. First of all, when has trafficking ever been legal? Second of all, California background checks ARE required in order to purchase a firearm  —> Click here.

Instead, they like to make you think that there is some sort of ‘loophole’ that allows criminals to avoid a background check and somehow receiving access to unregistered/illegal firearms, which they supposedly can just take to another state and sell to more violent criminals. 

Also– this ad only further validates the gun rights argument that criminals don’t obey laws I.e. avoiding background checks and illegally trafficking/selling guns. I highly doubt this was intentional, which only further proves how ridiculous this video is. 

So recap: this video uses actors to try and claim that criminals can legally get their hands on guns, which is not true. It also validates the gun rights claim that criminals don’t follow gun laws. 

Conclusion? Implementing more restrictive gun laws won’t keep criminals from purchasing or selling them illegally.

Hey, the ad said it. Not me.

One thought on “Will Ferrell partners with Brady Campaign to post horrible gun ad

  1. I’m not worried about criminals. It’s the gun toting idiots who have no training or self control. They are the danger to society. It is exactly why we need more gun regulation!

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