Building the 1911 From Scratch

Fun on the workbench


After half a year of reloading, I’ve came to realize a few things that probably all novice shooters eventually learn:

  • accuracy is a potential, without the right ammo, a great gun still shoots like crap
  • accuracy is the consistency of the barrel’s position and tension in relation to all its surrounding parts whenever the gun is in battery
  • the only way to achieve great consistency is to ensure that every moving part has tolerances that would not allow any slack
With that understanding, it soon became a fact that, even though polymer guns can be accurate, they can never be as accurate as a finely tuned metal framed gun.

It’s not that I NEED the most accurate gun, but the pursuit of one is where the adventure is. 🙂

I got a taste of what a great shooting gun can be like when I got the PM9, and I was…

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