The WORST anti-gun video to date

I have to say, out of ALL of the anti-gun videos I have seen this one is probably the worst.

First of all, great start. Let’s share this video and encourage children to bring their parent’s guns to school. Kudos there folks. Let’s teach our children to be felons!

Next thought, if this kid was so afraid/uncomfortable having a gun at home, then why is he so comfortable carrying it around in his backpack and bringing it to school?

Having a gun in your home is not unreasonable. Police response time to break-ins is absolutely horrible. Having a gun accessible could save your life. What’s not comforting about that?

Also, this video is also assuming that all gun owning parents have a fully loaded, unlocked gun kept in their sock drawer. Seriously? Reality check people. Responsible gun owners would have a gun either locked, in a safe, or both. They would also talk to their children and teach them about fire arm safety.

Next, this video is trying to back the idea that turning in your guns is the only way to end gun violence in America. WRONG. This whole scenario would most likely result in an accidental shooting, thus completely defeats the purpose of the ad!

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