Want to get your Concealed Carry Permit? Be careful where you go

Most people who keep up with my blog know that I am looking to get my CCW here when things calm down for me a bit (hopefully very soon). Because of this, I have been doing lots of looking around. I had a great course when I was first learning and I’m looking for a great course to lead me into the next steps of my gun-owning life.

Since I know very little about what it takes in order to get your concealed carry permit, I started doing some digging. First things to come up were nearby courses either at the NRA Headquarters or at small ranges with NRA instructors. These courses have been running anywhere from $100-$200. Not too bad, but then scrolling down the Google page I find ‘Online Concealed Carry Course only $19.99’. This caught my eye. Not just because of the price, but because a huge red flag went up when I read that a gun safety course was offered as an online program… What?

My assumption was that I would need at least an 8 hour day sitting in a lecture hall of some sort and another day of range practice. So how in the world could someone do this online? Truth is, you can’t.

350+ concealed carry permit holders in South Carolina are getting their permits revoked because of the lack of proper training. Well duh!

Pro-tip: Anywhere that offers you a ‘certificate’ either online or in a class and DOESN’T require that you demonstrate proper knowledge and safety can get you into a lot of trouble. If we want people to be on our side when it comes to gun laws, we need instructors who are serious about their position and students who are willing to put forth proper training. Having bogus instructors who would give a concealed carry permit to just about anyone only opens doors for anti-gun advocates.

If you want to get your concealed carry permit, I applaud you, but let’s be smart here and do things the way they are intended. And remember, you get what you pay for.

5 thoughts on “Want to get your Concealed Carry Permit? Be careful where you go

  1. I live in Idaho so it may be different but here they offer courses to get a Utah Concealed carry permit as long as there are enough interested parties. I chose Utah because it is accepted in a lot of states, more than any other and I travel a lot. It was only about 69 dollars. We had to sit through a coarse and pass the background check. Not a big deal but helpful in understanding the laws associated with concealed carry. Worth every moment and penny. The only other thing I would recommend if you have a Utah permit is to also get a concealed carry permit for your home state if you want to be able to purchase a handgun without a waiting period. Here in Idaho you can get a handgun on the same day because they recognize that you passed a background check because of your permit but it has to be for the state you are in.

  2. It’s funny you mentioned that! My grandpa actually recommended the same thing. I need to look further into that. How do you obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in a state that you don’t live in?

  3. I would just contact them to see what they can do in your state but they just had a class for me to take and they issue it to you no matter what state you are in. I think you can get one in every state if you want but some are recognized by other states as well. They just basically mean you have been proven able to carry in that state and if that state has tough standards some other states will say you qualify in their state as well because of the standard you have already attained. Does that make any sense? lol

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