3 thoughts on “This pistol-packing 80-year-old was attacked by home intruders — who immediately regretted it

    • True. There is a lot of debate about it especially since the woman claimed she was pregnant as she was running away. Autopsy report hasn’t come out yet to verify if that was true or just something she said to avoid getting shot. A lot of people are also saying he had no right to shoot them because they were running away. They apparently have broken into his home twice before this only this time he was prepared. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I hope he doesn’t get charged. They attacked him and broke his collar bone. Breaking into someone’s home is a dangerous “profession” that comes with dangerous consequences. Maybe if criminals actually started to see homeowners as a threat, they would think twice.

      • generally when the initial threat is gone one isn’t supposed to pursue the perpetrators. I believe the guy was safe as long as the thieves were in his home but once they fled … well it doesn’t look good for him. I’m curious as to whether he’ll be charged with the death of the unborn child. Then I’ll have plenty to say about it.
        Have a good weekend!

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