Man Looks For Someone To Kill in San Antonio Hotel

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On Saturday, July 12, a 34-year-old man named Moises Torres raised a ruckus at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio. It was to be his last ruckus.

Torres was reportedly banging on sixth-floor hotel room doors and breaking hallway lights as he went. When one woman opened her room door, he announced that he was “looking for someone to kill.” Thankfully, she was able to close the door before he could get inside her room.

In the next room was 43-year-old John Neal and a woman. When Torres began beating on Neal’s door, he called security. When things got quiet, Neal thought the disturbance was over. But when he opened the door, Torres charged at the pair. That’s when John Neal drew his legally-carried concealed handgun and fired one shot.

The bullet hit Torres in the chest, stopping him in the room’s doorway. Paramedics were unable to revive Torres, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early reports said that Torres had been “suffering from some undiagnosed mental issues recently.” John Neal was not charged with any crime.

And this, my friends, is why people carry guns.

Yet another ‘good guy with a gun’ that Shannon and the rest of the Mom’s Demand crew thinks doesn’t exist. When are you anti-gun loons going to wake up and see that good guys with guns DO exist? Moises Torres could have done some MAJOR damage, but instead a legal gun owner stepped in and saved the day. This happens more than you think, the media just doesn’t want to shine any light on it because it isn’t ‘tragic’ enough to support their agenda and put fear into the minds of uneducated citizens. Stories like this don’t scare you, they give you hope. They put that thought in your mind that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there are good reasons to have guns. And they (Mom’s Demand, Bloomberg, and the Obama Administration) don’t want that. 

The other major important piece of information in this article is the fact that this guy was mentally insane. THIS is what we need to be focusing on, not taking guns away from the sane. Why wasn’t this guy in a mental institution, psychiatric ward, or with caretakers? There are people that are responsible for making sure this man doesn’t do things like this and where were they? What medications was he? Where was the security guard that was supposedly called? I mean, after all, they are supposed to just magically show up at your doorstep and stop the criminals, right?

There is something else wrong here and this story is the perfect example. Instead of attacking law-abiding citizens, we should be focusing on the criminals and the mentally insane. Criminals need harsher punishments. No more of this “out of jail on good behavior” crap. Jail time is jail time. That’s final. The mentally insane need better psychological care. So, Mr. Obama, instead of wasting millions and millions of dollars on “gun control research”, how about we look into spending money on the REAL problem?

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