Twitter User Claims It’s The Average American Gun Owner That Shoots Up Schools

Well, how is it a good day if you don’t argue with uneducated individuals on Twitter?

First, Twitter user Question Everything states that you are “more likely to kill a family member than a bad guy”. I am interested to see where he gets his statistics, if he is even actually doing research. I assume he read about Kellerman and assumed it was right, but for all I know, he is making them up. Anyways, that statement is completely false. Look at the numbers. They’re scattered. Kellerman first claimed you were 48 times more likely and then changed it to 2.7 times more likely. Pull up other articles and you’ll find none of them match. This guy said you’re 22 times more likely. It makes you wonder, where are they getting these numbers? Also, I feel I should add that the 22 times figure they are coming up with not only includes accidental deaths, but also homicides and suicides. How can you compare 3 different scenarios to 1 and think you have an accurate percentage? Not to mention, Kellerman has been discredited and people still use his data as an argument against guns.

Nine Myths of Guns goes into a little more detail, if you’re interested.

Next, look at home many times a gun is shot in self-defense per year. Guns are used 2.5 million times per year for self-defense, averaging at about 6,850 times per day. That means that firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect civilians than to harm them. About 8% of intruders are killed or injured, which comes up to about 200,000 criminals injured or killed per year from law-abiding citizens defending their home and loved ones (view study here, pages 173 & 185). The National Crime Victimization Study showed that 108,000 criminals were killed each year by armed citizens using guns in self-defense. So, how many accidental shootings are there each year? This site shows that in 2010, only 606 people died from accidental shootings. That’s a far cry from 48 times more likely to shoot someone accidentally than a criminal.

Next, I told this guy that police are more likely to shoot an innocent person than a legally armed citizen and asked “but you trust cops w/ guns?” To which he replied “given the average American gun owner, yes”. WHAT?! Ok wait. So if I am understanding correctly, this guy is saying that the ‘average American gun owner’ is the one shooting innocent people. How on earth do these people function?!

What’s not well-known is that the vast majority of the approximately 12,000 annual gun murders and 66,000 non-fatal shootings are committed by people who have no legal right to a gun.

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