Miss USA Attacked By Twitter for Suggesting Self-Defense for Women


By  on 6.9.14 | 2:13PM via The Spectator 

When asked about sexual assaults on college campuses last night during the Miss USA Pageant, Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, now Miss USA, delivered what most would deem a fairly noncontroversial response:

“I believe that some colleges may potentially be afraid of having a bad reputation and that would be a reason it could be swept under the rug, because they don’t want that to come out into the public. But I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.”

Shockingly enough, the eternally outraged #YesAllWomen camp was not happy with Sanchez’s answer. Feminists took to Twitter to express their shock and outrage that a woman would suggest individual empowerment as a means of combatting rape.

“I get that the college sexual assault problem can’t be solved in 30 secs but still icky to pretend like self defense is the answer.‪#MissUSA,” tweeted Elisa Benson, senior community manager at Cosmopolitan.

Another Twitter user had a novel idea: “Sorry miss Nevada. we do not need to teach women how to better defend ourselves. We need to teach men not to feel entitled to rape‪#missusa.”

I hate to be the one to inform these women, but “don’t rape” is already on the curriculum.

According to feminists, women shouldn’t need to defend themselves against rape, and that’s true. People shouldn’t need to defend themselves against murder, theft, or terrorist attacks either. It’s horrific that people commit these crimes, and in a perfect world they wouldn’t. But rapists and murderers and terrorists are a fact of life. It’s not that the messaging campaigns around these issues aren’t effective; it’s that there are terrible people in this world. Instead of focusing solely on collective shaming, why not also focus on steps women can take to protect themselves?

Honestly, when I saw this article, I had no idea how to respond. How can anyone deny that women learning proper forms of self-defense is a good idea? I don’t care if you’re a feminist or not, don’t be stupid. Come to the realization that men are physically STRONGER than women. Teaching yourself how to defend yourself could actually save your life. Think about it. Most attackers are not looking for women who will fight back. They look for certain markers, like women in high heels makes it harder to run. It’s also the same reason why women are drugged or under the influence of alcohol–because it makes it easier for the predator to attack you without the risk of a struggle.

Something needs to be done here. 1 out of 5 college women are raped. Do you honestly think the only reason for this is because we aren’t properly educating men on what rape is? I definitely don’t think so. I think the main reason is people are sick, violent, and twisted. Everyone knows rape is wrong, which is why they come up with excuses such as “well she said yes at first”. It’s because they know what they have done is wrong and they are trying to justify it with an excuse. Well I don’t buy it.

Ladies, you want to empower yourselves and feel strong even next to a man? Learn how to protect yourself. Whether it be martial arts or a gun, you need SOMETHING. You should never feel like you should just lie down and take it. There is no excuse for rape.

Now for my final comment. Stop attacking Miss USA. Her point is 100% valid in the fact that she doesn’t want any woman exposed to this horrible act. I’m behind her on this every step of the way.

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