20 Huge Companies That Want To Take Your Guns

Give Me Liberty

This is from BUZZPO.com.

I think the people of America should vote with their wallets and stop doing business with these companies.

Sometimes there may be no alternative to  patronizing these companies.

1. MTV


MTV’s Chairman is on the board of CeaseFire, Inc. Not only are they corrupting society one raunchy music video at a time, they’d also love nothing more than to disarm the public.

2. Staples 


The office supply mogul frequently bans gun companies from entering their business contests – even though the contests are supposed to be open to “any and all” businesses. Sounds just like our tolerant friends on the left to make such a move.

3. Bank of America


Turned down the business of McMillan Group simply because they are a gun company.

4. Google


The world’s largest search engine has started restricting searches on gun info specifically relating to firearm sales.

5. 7-Eleven


A notorious target…

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