Texas Homeowner Shoots Intruder Early Easter Morning

On April 20 a Houston, Texas homeowner shot and killed an intruder who kicked in the door to the home. 

According to Click2Houston.com, the man allegedly kicked in the homeowner’s door around 4:50 a.m on Easter morning. 

The homeowner and his wife were at home at the time and police report “the 56-year old homeowner feared for his life.” He therefore “shot the intruder twice in the abdomen.” 

The intruder was “rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital where he later died.”

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Well, Happy Easter everyone!

I was a little surprised to read this from Breitbart earlier today. First off, kudos to the homeowners for defending themselves. That seems to be so frowned upon in this country. Yet, the silly thing is, if the homeowners were harmed/killed by the intruder, we’d hear nothing but “my condolences to the victims” but when the intruder is killed, we hear all about MORE GUN CONTROL. Pathetic. We just can’t win here can we?

My next comment is why on earth would this guy break in at 5am on Easter morning? Pretty much one of the only days out of the year in which everyone goes to church and he chooses to come in when he knows they’re home. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s sad that this man died but please don’t spew off the “desperate times call for desperate measures”. This man should not have broken into anyone’s home regardless of whatever struggles he may have been facing at the time. I just hope the homeowner doesn’t get charged for anything. We’ve all seen how the alternative ends up. Don’t believe me? Look up my post from a couple of months back about the unarmed pregnant woman and legally blind man who were attacked, beaten, and raped in the middle of the night. I also might add that they were hardcore anti-gun advocates. Ironic, huh? That in their time of need, a gun could have saved them from such a horrific experience. 

Here’s something to make you chuckle- The top comment is from ‘Archie Bunker’ – “Well, Hillary just lost another voter”. Too bad the dead apparently vote too. Man, don’t get my hopes up Archie!

3 thoughts on “Texas Homeowner Shoots Intruder Early Easter Morning

  1. It’s regrettable that the homeowner had to undergo such a traumatic ordeal at anytime, but especially on Easter morning. I’m glad he did what he had to do, though, and I also hope he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

    For all the anti-gunners out there, don’t ever make the mistake of assuming this man will ever be the same after having had to kill. He won’t. It’s something EVERY gun owner hopes and prays will never happen. But if it does, we will save ourselves and those we love, even if it means killing.

    And Tina, I agree with you. I’m not in the mood to hear anyone call for more gun control over something like this. Gun control advocates haven’t yet been in the position of the pregnant woman and the blind man you mentioned. Otherwise, they wouldn’t BE gun control advocates.

    • Exactly! My grandmother used to be absolutely terrified of guns and even supported gun control. Until her business was unexpectedly robbed at gunpoint. She was tied up and concerned for the safety of her and her employees. She pressed the help button from behind her desk but the cops didn’t even get there until 10 minutes after the robbers left.

      Fact of the matter is, you never know when you’re life will be in danger. A measly little help button or 911 call can’t be your only form of defense. She was extremely lucky not to have been harmed but it completely opened her eyes to the fact that the safety of her life needs to be in her own hands. This country has gotten WAY too dependent on the ‘authority figures’. People look at them like superheros when in reality, they are just another human being.

      Nonetheless, she now carries a 9mm subcompact semi in her purse at all time.

  2. Looks like a clean shoot to me. And yes, what a tragedy that an innocent person has to live with this, but better alive than dead. My flippant side says get him a couple of hundred rounds and take him to the range so next time he hits center body mass, but that is not what really needs to happen first. The important thing is for friends, relatives, and co-workers to give him emotional support do deal with this life-changing trauma.

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