Women’s Only NRA First Steps Pistol Part 2: First time at a shooting range

After day one of gun safety in the lecture room, our day 2 was heading out to SharpShooter’s Small Arms Range and learning how to shoot. I arrived a little early and decided to look at a couple of different guns. I was advised not to purchase without testing them out first but decided I would save that for a different day. 

My instructor arrived and got me set up with my eye and ear protection. I expected gun shots but nothing prepared me for what I was going to hear once I stood behind the firing line. I was definitely jumpy at first but that wore off once I focused on watching each of the shooters. While my instructor was getting the different guns and bullets ready, I enjoyed watching how each person stood, aimed, and recovered. 

I then went back over to my instructor to see what I needed to do. She had 2 different .22’s laid out and told me to hold both to see which one felt better. I had the choice between a Ruger and a Browning. The Ruger felt awkward in my hands so I decided to go with the Browning. She first had me shoot from a Bench Position and then we moved to 2-handed standing and 1-handed standing. Shooting was easy with no recoil and a smooth trigger. However, in the 20 rounds that I shot with this gun I encountered both a misfire and a jam. Not exactly what I would call reliable but I was almost glad that it happened so that I will know what to expect if this ever happens to me again in the future. 

ImageBench Position- Browning .22



2-handed standing- Browning .22



1-handed standing- Browning .22

After a few rounds of shooting with the .22, we then moved to shooting a 9mm Glock 19 3rd Generation. The Glock was a little too big for my hand and I felt as though the slanted frame was preventing me from getting a good grip. One of the reasons that I like the grip and feel of either a Baretta PX4 Storm or a 9mm Sig. 




2-handed and 1-handed (circled) standing- 9mm Glock 19 G3

I have to say, I feel I did pretty well. There were a few shots that I missed the black target but all of my shots were on the paper. 

So to conclude my past 2 posts, I would really recommend that women take the NRA First Steps Pistol class for women. If you are in the Virginia area, I really encourage you to go through Virginia Gun Safety for any NRA classes. The instructors are really great and are extremely helpful. I am excited for my next practice and will be looking to purchase my first handgun within the next couple of months. 



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