The Constitution State moving towards gun confiscation

Turns out Connecticut, “The Constitution State”, isn’t living up to the name.

Thousands of law-abiding citizens in the state of Connecticut are up in arms over the recent law passed stating that residents are required to register any powerful assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. They were given until January 4, 2014. Any citizens who did not register their weapons with the state before this date are now labeled as a class D felon and were sent a letter demanding that their weapons be sold to a licensed dealer or removed from the state.

State of Connecticut

Some of those who haven’t registered are refusing to do so (not that they can now anyways because their application will be “declined”) while others are just now being informed that their once legal right to carry is now illegal unless their weapons were previously registered with the state.

So what happens when these tens of thousands of people refuse to sell or ship their guns off to another state?

Some believe that this will eventually lead to state police engaging in door to door gun confiscation. Let’s think logically and figure out how this will pan out. Groups of police officers who have supposedly sworn to stand behind the Constitution will come to your home and take your unregistered weapons, even though you have a legal right to carry them that is being made void due to an unlawful law. This can go pretty much one of two ways. First scenario is that you allow them into your home (probably without a warrant because who cares about your Constitutional right anyways) and watch as they take your guns away. The second scenario is that you fight. Whether it be with your weapons, physically attacking them, or yelling and screaming. If the police officer felt that his life was threatened in this situation, what do you think he would do? Think of what they’ve done in the past and answer. They would use their guns. Just like you should be able to. So either you shoot them or they shoot you. Either way, this opens up yet another door for Obama to say “Oh no! More deaths due to gun violence. All the more reason to disarm America!” And people will listen. Do you know what else he could say in this scenario? “See? Gun owners claim to be law-abiding citizens and they shoot the police!” Not to mention, this will now put statistics in favor of gun control because the information will change to state that more and more felons are owning guns. There are now tens of thousands of citizens in the state of Connecticut who are now considered felons.


We are now living in a country where the US Constitution is slowly fading away due to Socialist politicians and law enforcement who are disregarding their oaths. We are now living in a country where people no longer ask questions or stand up for what they believe is right. Now it is “Oh? Obama said it? It must be true!”

The fabric in which our country was made great is now being shredded to pieces. Our legal system has become corrupt and biased. Our financial system is now dependent on foreign countries to pay off our debt. Culture and religion are now “offensive” and how dare we hurt someone’s feelings. Our Constitution is defiled, spit on, and viewed as just an old piece of paper that no longer applies to current day laws.

Where it used to be the government served the people is now the people serving their government. If you don’t stand for your right and your freedom, what do you stand for?


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